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  "1"Bean Burr Grinder (BG-88PR)
  "1a"Care and Cleaning
  "1b"How to use your Burr Grinder

  "2"Bean Blade Grinder (BG-13)
  "2a"Care and Cleaning
  "2b"Operating Instructions

  "3"Bean Roaster Pro Series (CR-1010PRR)
  "3a"Before you begin
  "3b"Caring for Your Roaster
  "3c"Handling and Storage of Roasted Coffee Beans
  "3d"Important Safeguards
  "3e"Operating Instructions

  "4"Coffee Urn -30/50 Cup (CU-30 & CU-50)
  "4b"Care and Cleaning
  "4c"CU-30 - Brewing Amount and Times
  "4d"CU-50 - Brewing Amount and Times
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