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Looking for a manual for your Nesco/American Harvest® product? We are now able to offer many of our product manuals for download into Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply choose from the list of products below and download the pdf. Many of the manuals can be used for more than one model, so if the model number you are looking for is not here, try viewing a manual for another model. All manuals are subject to change.

Original copies of owners manuals are available upon request at a small fee. Please call 1-800-288-4545 for more information.
  16-Speed Hand Mixer (HM-350)
  2-in-1 Juicer/Blender (JB-50 Series)
  Blender (BL-50)
  Blender (BL-90)
  Food Processor (3 Cup) (FP-300)
  Food Processor (8 Cup) (FP-800)
  Hand Blender (HB-17)
  Ice Crusher and Drink Mixer (CC-32)
Bread Machine
  Bread Machine (BDM-100)
  Bread Machine (BDM-110)
Coffee Bean Roasters & Grinders
  30/50 cup Coffee Urn (CU-30 & CU-50)
  Blade Coffee Grinder (BG-13)
  Coffee Bean Roaster (CR-1010)
  Coffee Burr Grinder (BG-88)
  - Adjustable Temperature Control (FD-50/60/61/75/80/1010/1020) series-English (300-01451)
  - Fixed Temperature Control (FD-20/27/28/35/37/39/40) series-English (300-01450)
  FD-1040 - Digital Food Dehydrator Product Information Sheet
  FD-2000 - Digital Food Dehydrator
  FD-35 & FD-37 Series
  FD-77DT - Digital Food Dehydrator Product Information Sheet
Electric Food Grinders
  Food Grinder (FG-100)
  Food Grinder (FG-10P)
  Food Grinder (FG-180)
  Food Grinder (FG-300)
  Food Grinder (FG-350)
  Food Grinder (FG-400PR)
  Food Grinder (FG-500)
Electric Food Slicers
  Food Slicer (FS-002)
  Food Slicer (FS-10)
  Food Slicer (FS-120T)
  Food Slicer (FS-130)
  Food Slicer (FS-140R)
  Food Slicer (FS-150PR)
  Food Slicer (FS-160)
  Food Slicer (FS-200)
  Food Slicer (FS-250)
  Food Slicer (FS-KMP)
Electric Pressure Cookers
  4L-6L Pressure Cookers (PC4-14 & PC6-14)
  6 Qt. Digital Electric Pressure Cooker (PC-6-25-30TPR)
  Digital Pressure Cooker (PC6-25)
Electric Water Kettle
  Digital Electric Water Kettle (GWK-03D)
  Tea Maker (TM-1)
  Water Kettle (GWK-02)
  Water Kettle (GWK-57)
  Water Kettle (WK-64)
Fish and Game
  Pan Handler Fish Filleter (PH-6200FG)
  Tumble Drumm Electric Fish Scaler (TD-6065-13)
Food Steamers
  Food Steamer (ST-24)
  Food Steamer (ST-25)
  Food Steamer (ST-25F)
Hot Plates and Electric Skillet
  Double Burner / Single Burner (DB-02 & SB-01)
  Electric Skillet (ES-08)
Jerky Spice
  9 and 15 Inch Aluminum Jerky Gun (BJX-9 / BJX-15)
  Jerky Spice Ingredients Sheet
Jet Stream Ovens
  All Jet Stream Ovens (pg. 5, 6, 7, 8 Older Jet Stream Ovens)
  Jetstream Manual for JS-5000T
  Convection Perfection Oven (CO200T)
  Jetstream (Replacement Pages 5, 6, 7, 8) for JS-4000T - Clearer viewing through: Iexplorer or Google Chrome or 125% with Mozzilla
O.C. Pet Treat Maker
  For Pets Only! Instructions For Pet Treat Seasoning
  Pet Treat Maker Recipe and Instruction Manual
  Pet Treat Seasoning Ingredients
Portable Induction Cooktop and Reversible Grill/Griddle
  Portable Induction Cooktop (PIC-14)
  Reversible Grill/Griddle (RG-1400)
Roaster Ovens
  12 Qt. Convection Roaster
  18 Qt Roaster (4818-17) - Camo Design
  18 Qt. Roaster (4208 Model)
  18 Qt. Roaster - Trilingual (4808-4818 Model)
  18 Qt. Roaster with Hinged Cover
  5 Qt. Roaster
  6 Qt. Roaster
  6 Qt. Roaster - Trilingual
  Buffet Kit Instructions
Slow Cooker
  1.5 Qt. Slow Cooker (SC-15 and SC-150)
  6.5 Qt. Slow Cooker (SC-61 and SC-65)
  8 Qt. Slow Cooker (SC-80)
Spa Pro
  Aromatic Diffuser Manual (20006a, 30007b, 40008c)
  Aromatic Diffuser Troubleshooting Guide (20006a, 30007b, 40008c)
  Art Deco Ceramic Diffuser (20055B)
  Massage Stone Heater (4416 & 4418)
  Unique Design Ceramic Diffuser (20039B)
  Toaster (Models - T1000-12, T1000-13, T1000-14)
Vacuum Sealers
  Hand Held Vacuum Sealer (VS-09HH)
  Vacuum Sealer (VS-01) White
  Vacuum Sealer (VS-02) Black
Waffle Maker
  Waffle Maker (WM-1300)

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