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   • Food Slicer - 150 Watt
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   • Food Slicer - Removable Motor
   • 150 Watt Food Slicer
   • 180 Watt Food Slicer W/ 8.7" Blade
   • 180 Watt Food Slicer W/ 7 1/2" Blade
   • 200 Watt Food Slicer W/ 9.8" Stainless Steel Blade

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Want to send your loved ones off to work or school with a sandwich or wrap made from fresh sliced meats and cheese?

Want to prepare sliced cheese and meat party trays for entertaining just like those found in the Deli and avoid their high price?

Then a Nesco® Food slicer is what you need! Make your own cheese and meat rolls for your parties and slice your own lunch meat and cheese fresh while saving money.

Nesco® Food Slicers are constructed of a rugged, die-cast aluminum housing combined with a unique tilted slicing surface to make slicing food easier. Each slicer has an adjustable thickness control ranging from deli-thin to 1/2". The removable stainless steel blade produces precision cuts of many types of foods and meats. Designed for household use, Nesco® electric food slicers are perfect for slicing meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, making it easy to prepare sandwiches, salads, and party trays.

150 Watt Food Slicer
Regular: $99.99
Sale: $49.99

New! - 180 Watt Food Slicer W/ 7 1/2" Blade

New! - 180 Watt Food Slicer W/ 8.7" Blade
Regular: $129.99
Sale: $119.99

New! - 200 Watt Food Slicer W/ 9.8" Stainless Steel Blade
Regular: $249.99
Sale: $229.99

Food Slicer - 130 Watt
Regular: $99.99
Sale: $49.99

Food Slicer - 150 Watt

Food Slicer - Removable Motor
Roaster Ovens
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Food Slicers and Grinders
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Learn How to Make Jerky with Nesco Jerky Spice, Jerky Kits, and Dehydrator

Making Beef Jerky, Venison Jerky and Turkey Jerky in your home with Nesco Jerky Seasonings is fun and easy.

Nesco Jerky Spice, Nesco Jerky Kits and Nesco Food Dehydrators make fun and easy to make Jerky! Free Dehydration Recipes of all kinds and instructions on how to make Jerky are here at

Nesco is known for their Roasters and American Harvest for their Dehydrators but combined into Nesco/American Harvest we have extended the product line with Coffee Blade Grinder, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Urn, Food Slicers, Food Grinders, Pressure Cookers, Juice Blenders, Water Kettles, Food Steamers, Bread Machine, Waffle Maker, Toasters, and even a Portable Induction Cooktop.