Hot and Spicy Jerky Spice

Hot and Spicy Jerky Spice
Item Number: HJ-2-2


Availability: In Stock

Available Color/Flavor: Hot and Spicy

One Spice Pack and One Cure Pack to season 2 pounds of meat.
Warning "HOT"

Learn How to Make Jerky

Color/Flavor: Hot and Spicy ($1.99)


Nesco's® trial packs are a great way to try out our newest flavors!
Hot and Spicy has been a real hit! It has just the right kick for you hot and spicy lovers. This trial pack includes 1 spice pack and 1 cure pack to season 2 pounds of meat so you can give them a try!
This flavor is also available in the 10-packs and 26-packs.
Make great tasting Beef Jerky or Venison Jerky at Home!

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• Each trial pack includes 1 Spice and 1 Cure packet.
• Only one flavor per trial pack.

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