Hot and Spicy Jerky Spice 10pk.

Hot and Spicy Jerky Spice 10pk.
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Available Color/Flavor: Hot and Spicy

Warning "HOT"

Customer Review:

"Single serving jerky spice packets (one pound of meat for each spice and cure package) no measuring required. Open packs, mix with ground beef, put meat in extruder gun, squeeze onto dehydrator trays. BAM! Good to go! Well in about 6-8 hours (give or take)."

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Color/Flavor/Size: Hot and Spicy, 10- Pack ($8.90)


Burn Baby! If you like it hot and spicy, this is the flavor for you. Our hot and spicy jerky spice has just the right kick for all of you serious hot and spicy lovers.

Can't decide? Want more choices? You can also try the Variety Pack! It includes an assortment of flavors, so you can choose a favorite! Just click on the Variety Pack on the menu bar on the left.

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Jerky is the choice of many as a healthy, protein packed energy snack.

It has superior flavor and texture over processed jerky!

Make jerky for a great tasting satisfying snack, or you could eat potato chips?

Beef jerky makes a great snack for entertaining your guests while watching the game and while playing cards.

Look after your health, it is a nutrient dense, high-protein food.

Beef jerky is a great camping food. Hot 'N' Spicy' will keep you warm at night!

Use our kits to make delicious beef jerky, venison jerky, poultry jerky or wild game jerky.

• Each 10 pack includes 10 Spice Seasoning packs of the same flavor. 10 Cures packs are also included.
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5 out of 5
James H
Iron Station, NC
This stuff is the bomb ! Aug. 25, 2015
I make Deer jerky with the Jerkyworks gun. All my friends, and my children love it ! They literally beg me to make it and love having it. I usually use the Hot and spicy mix, but I've also used Cajun quite a bit. All the flavors I've used were good and they have excellent flavor.
I tried using other brands when I was out, but they absolutely failed to compare in flavor, and the ability to saturate the meat throughout with flavor.
A big thumbs up for a quality product at a very affordable price, NESCO !!!
5 out of 5
Dan W
Topeka, KS
Excellent when mixed July 23, 2015
I mix up 2 lbs. of meat at a time and add 1 packet of Hot & Spicy and 1 packet of Original. It gives the Original a little more kick! I've also mixed it with Pepperoni. Gives it a little more kick!
I've also tried other jerky seasoning brands when I was out, but they don't come close to the flavor.
5 out of 5
Kenneth A
Mesquite, TX
Hot & Spicy is my favorite flavor Dec. 3, 2012
I bought your variety pack and after trying all the flavors, hot & spicy is definitely my favorite! I took samples of each flavor to my workplace and hands down, the hot & spicy was the favorite!

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