Buffalo Wing Hot Chili Jerky Spice 2pk.

Buffalo Wing Hot Chili Jerky Spice 2pk.
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Available Color/Flavor: Buffalo Wing

Learn How to Make Jerky

Color/Flavor: Buffalo Wing ($1.99)


We've created this Jerky Seasoning blend for those of you that love the flavor of Hot Chili Flavored Buffalo Wings. Just mix one seasoning and one cure pack with one pound of ground meat, form into strips and dehydrate. Once dried you can enjoy the great flavor of Spicy Buffalo Wings on the go without the mess.

The texture of the jerky is different than our other spices but the flavor is Great!

You can also try the BJV-10 Variety Pack! It includes 10 different flavors so you can choose a favorite! Just click on the Variety Pack on the menu bar on the left for more details.

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Why make homemade jerky?

Great for watching the game.

For your health, it is a nutrient dense, high-protein food.Great tasting satisfying snack, or you could eat potato chips?

Lunch boxes.

It has superior flavor and texture over processed jerky!

Use our kits to make delicious beef jerky, venison jerky, poultry jerky or wild game jerky.

Jerky is the choice of many as a healthy, protein packed energy snack.

• Each trial pack includes 2 Spice and Cure packets.
• Only one flavor per trial pack.

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