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nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545

nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545
Sweet Hardwood Jerky Spice 2pk.  
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Sweet Hardwood Jerky Spice 2pk.
Item Number: SJ-2


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Availability: In Stock

Available Color/Flavor:
 Sweet Hardwood

Learn How to Make Jerky

Color/Flavor: Sweet Hardwood ($1.99)


Our New Sweet Hardwood Jerky Seasoning is a sweet addition to our spice selection.

This spice flavor is unique with a pleasing quality that is unmistakable and will leave you craving more with its distinct character. For sweeter jerky just add brown sugar or for a sweet and spicy jerky add Cajun pepper. Make great tasting jerky using beef, turkey, lamb or any wild game.

Try it-you will love it! Nesco® Dehydrators and Jerky Kits™ have made making jerky easy!

You can also try the Variety Pack! Just click on the Variety Pack on the menu bar on the left.

Make great tasting Beef Jerky or Venison Jerky at Home!

Why make homemade jerky?

Great for watching the game.

For your health, it is a nutrient dense, high-protein food.Great tasting satisfying snack, or you could eat potato chips?

Lunch boxes.

It has superior flavor and texture over processed jerky!

Use our kits to make delicious beef jerky, venison jerky, poultry jerky or wild game jerky.

Jerky is the choice of many as a healthy, protein packed energy snack.

Each trial pack includes 2 Spice and Cure packets.
Only one flavor per trial pack.

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Customer Ratings and Reviews
1 Customer Review 5 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Scott C
Stacy, NC
GREAT Jan. 3, 2014
My wife who normally will not or does not like/eat jerky the Sweet Hardwood Jerky. That is one of the reasons I am back to buy more and also because I love the stuff also. Thanks NESCO for the great products you sell.

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Learn How to Make Jerky with Nesco Jerky Spice, Jerky Kits, and Dehydrator

Making Beef Jerky, Venison Jerky and Turkey Jerky in your home with Nesco Jerky Seasonings is fun and easy.

Nesco Jerky Spice, Nesco Jerky Kits and Nesco Food Dehydrators make fun and easy to make Jerky! Free Dehydration Recipes of all kinds and instructions on how to make Jerky are here at

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