9 Inch Aluminum Jerky Gun

9 Inch Aluminum Jerky Gun
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The NESCO® / American Harvest® - Open Country®
9"Aluminum Jerky Gun

Comes with:

  • 2 attachments: 1 for flat jerky and 1 for round jerky sticks
  • 3 Original spice and 3 cure packets

Make delicious jerky from ground meat.

Make uniform jerky every time with the Jerky Gun!

Delicious jerky in as little as 4 hours.



The NESCO® / American Harvest® - Open Country® 9"Aluminum Jerky Gun is all you need to start making great tasting beef jerky in your home. You can make perfect jerky sticks and strips, with ease every time, using the 9" Aluminum Jerky Gun! Comes with 3 of our original jerky seasoning packs and cures.

Great for making jerky the way you like it and at a fraction of the cost. Make great tasting Beef Jerky, Turkey, or Venison Jerky at Home. It's FUN and Easy.

Other flavors available for purchase are: Hot 'n Spicy, Teriyaki, Pepperoni, Fajita, Cajun, Andouille, Cracked Pepper & Garlic, Mesquite, Sweet Hardwood, Buffalo Wing and Hot Stick.

9" & 15" Aluminum Jerky Gun Manual »
• Jerky gun includes 2 attachments: a flat tip for making jerky strips and a round tip for making jerky sticks.
• Includes 3 original jerky spices and cures, enough to flavor 3 pounds of meat for making jerky.
• 1 lb meat capacity
• 9" aluminum jerky gun
• Coated die cast metal handle for reliability

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