Variety Pack Jerky Seasoning

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Variety Pack Jerky Seasoning
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A great value to sample our Jerky Spices. This pack includes 10 different flavors (Original, Hot n' Spicy, Teriyaki, Cajun, Cracked Pepper & Garlic, Pepperoni, Mesquite, Sweet Hardwood, Andouille and Hot Sticks). Sorry, our flavors of Buffalo Wing and Fajita are not currently included in the pack and are only available in 10 packs and 25 packs.

When you buy our Variety 10 Pack you get to try several of our flavors before you commit to a 10 pack or 25 pack. It is also convenient if you like a variety of seasoned Beef Jerky, Venison Jerky or Turkey Jerky that you make right in your home!

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• Pack includes:
• 1 Original
• 1 Hot 'n Spicy
• 1 Teriyaki
• 1 Cajun
• 1 Cracked Pepper & Garlic
• 1 Pepperoni
• 1 Mesquite
• 1 Sweet Hardwood
• 1 Andouille
• 1 Hot Sticks
• 10 Cure packs
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4 out of 5
David S
Sedalia, MO
Hard to order Dec. 28, 2018
I like the variety pack but the last two times I have been on the site, it isn't available. I know it's popular but come on, I should be able to but some!
5 out of 5
Becky L
Affton, MO
Finally tried them all Sep. 29, 2015
When I ordered the variety pack, I thought I'd be coming back to buy my one or two favorite flavors but I'll be buying larger quantities of FOUR of my favorites. When you can only narrow a pack of 10 down to four (and there was only one I flat-out didn't like), it speaks well of all the flavors. I've been very popular at work during my taste tests and more than one person has told me I should sell the jerky.

This stuff is really good, folks. I would recommend the variety pack to give them all a try. The pepper & garlic one really surprised me, for example. I didn't think I'd care for it but it ended up on my top-four list. Hot Stick is #1, IMO.
5 out of 5
Issaquah, WA
Great Jerky means I am no longer a Jerk! May 6, 2015
These packs are the best! I used to use homemade merinades but these packs make a much more even tasting, better quality Jerky hands down. My kids now love the Jerky and I can't keep it in the house. I recommend the variety pack for a starter and then you can choose your favorites after that. Great product and great price!
5 out of 5
Megan O
Raymore, MO
Jerky Variety Pack is a winner. Mar. 5, 2015
Unsure which jerky flavor to get? Get the variety pack. I haven't disliked a single one, and it's fun to cycle through the flavors on a whim. I had anticipated finding just 1-2 favorites, but I'm back to order a few more variety packs instead. Super tasty!!
5 out of 5
Steve S
Farmerville, LA
My Favorite ORIGINAL Jan. 8, 2015
I have Been making home made Deer jerky for over 10 years, it is a BIG favorite for many of my friends and clients. All 5 of my Grandchildren expect Santa to leave some in their stockings. I have tried other brands of seasonings and nothing ever comes close to ORIGINAL JERKY SPICE. Of course, through the years I have developed my own recipe. SLAP YA MOMMA is what I named it, want this recipe email me at
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5 out of 5
Timothy S
Willsboro, NY
original flavor Nov. 19, 2014
I started with the Jerky Works when they first came out now they don't even carry the spices the only jerky spices that I like glad I can get them here
5 out of 5
Char M
Tombstone, AZ
Everyone loves this Jan. 19, 2014
I bought my kit over 8 years ago, and have been making the jerky every since, it is hard to find the spice here, not even the place I purchased the kit carries it anymore. . . . try it you will like it and so will the children

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