Lid Ultem Jet Stream Oven

Lid Ultem Jet Stream Oven
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Has your lid for your Jet Stream Oven® worn out? You can order a replacement lid from us. Fits all models of the Jet Stream Oven® manufactured after March 1991 except model JS-5000T. Transparent smoke color.

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2 out of 5
Ottawa, ON
I have a tip for you billy B, and everyone really Mar. 7, 2018
@billy B, I have found that NOT locking the dome in place significantly lengthens its lifespan. What I do is this:

-With the JetStream down in the normal cooking position, and the dome completely loose, I rotate the dome so it locks just enough for it to be lifted upright without falling off. I do NOT lock the dome to the power head.

-I then place whatever I want to cook in the JetStream and lower the dome, as everyone does normally.

-Next, I rotate the dome back so it is completely loose again. I set the time and start cooking.

-When the cooking is complete, I again rotate the dome so it just locks enough to be lifted. I remove the food, lower the dome, and rotate the dome so it's completely loose again.

What I believe is causing the domes to fail is the repeated stress on the Lexan plastic of the dome that it experiences during every cooking cycle. Because of the way the dome is designed, it experiences more stress at the point where it locks to the power head than it can bear over the long term, so it begins to crack after a number of months. Once started, there's no stopping the cracking. I think my technique helps by reducing the frequency and amount of stress the dome experiences. I have successfully kept a dome working for around 2 years. It's not perfect, but it helps.
2 out of 5
billy B
suisun city, CA
lid Mar. 5, 2018
I fell in love with the american harvest oven when they first came out I use it for almost every thing I cook. The down side is the lid, I go through at least one a year and at $40. a pop it gets expensive. And it gets better several years ago you guys changed the flange that holds the lid on the cooker it no longer locks in place I have to put on the belt sander and remove 1/16 of an inch to allow it to get a positive lock. That is why I give two stars, the cooking part is a positive five. I hate to do this but I will put out another 40 bucks.

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