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nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545

nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545
Portable Induction Cooktop  
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Portable Induction Cooktop
Item Number: PIC-14P

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Color/Flavor: Black ($89.99)


The Nesco® Portable Induction Cooktop is user friendly and energy efficient. Its smooth, ceramic glass top wipes clean with ease. Five different modes with instant temperature adjustments make cooking virtually fail-safe. Because the heat is generated in the pan, not the element, less energy is wasted than with gas or electric stoves. Use it in dorm rooms, offices, RV's, outdoors or in the kitchen.

An electric current passing through the inducton coil beneath the surface creates an electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field generates heat directly into ferrous metal cookware placed on the cooktop, bypassing the glass surface. So the pan gets hot - the cooktop doesn't.

1500 Watts/120 Volt
Instant Temperature Adjustments
5 Touch Controls: Melt/Warm, Simmer, Boil, Fry and Sear
Durable Ceramic Glass Top
Top Energy Efficiency: 36% More Efficient than a Gas Stove
Safe-Cooktop Doesn't Get Hot
Comes with Test Magnet for Ferrous Metal Cookware

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Customer Ratings and Reviews
5 Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
Write a Review
5 out of 5
Jim H
Staten Island, NY
Wow! Apr. 5, 2015
In midst of a kitchen renovation and didn't want to eat out everyday. After a lot of research decided to give this a try. Wow! It's not typical electric cooking since induction is more efficient so pans warm faster and water boils quicker. First dish was sauteed kale and pasta, so sauteed in one pan, boiled in the other and then mixed. Thought about getting another one to duplicate the stove experience, but will just focus on one pot meals going forward - like jambalaya.

Heat settings work a little better than you would think, so you can adjust lower if you want. Cast iron stays very hot, so you can save some $$. Overall, would say pleasantly surprised and would recommend to anyone who needs a temporary (or outdoors) solution.
5 out of 5
Mc G
Tucson, AZ
Great little cooktop Mar. 1, 2014
I ordered this cooktop for use in my RV. During the summer months the propane stove heats the space up too much. I thought I would try a portable cooktop and this one caught my attention. I received it and took it to the RV only to discover only two of my existing cookware pieces would work due to the induction technology. I indulged and bought a new set of cookware and have been thrilled with the performance of this unit. Heats food much faster and more evenly than the flame of my stove. I would recommend this unit for anyone living in an small area.
5 out of 5
Sandra B
New Port Richey, FL
Induction burner Nov. 23, 2012
I have had my induction burner for a couple of months now and am so pleased that I rarely use my stove. Just to be able to use a sponge to wipe it of is a blessing since I has a glass top stove that is a pain to clean.
I also have had 7 jet streams over the years and use that all the time also and cooks perfect. Nesco would be my first purchase place for anything made and commend them for their service when needed.
4 out of 5
Dr Jim M
More good news Sep. 17, 2012
I've already written one review and had hoped just to add to it, but here's an addendum. After much use, I've come to like the 5 cooking modes which seem to be very accurate for what they are labeled. The unit is also very responsive when changing modes. This morning I prepared crêpes and found that mode 3 provided the perfect temperature to the pan for cooking the crêpes to perfection. I am using a pan that has extremely even heat distribution and that helps. Dare I mention Anolon Nouvelle Copper anodized aluminum cookware with its non-stick properties. I didn't even use cooking spray in the pan and the crêpes came out perfectly. For quick and easy preparation this little unit is a jewel.

Chef de Cuisine
Chez des Amis Bed & Breakfast
Natchitoches, Louisiana
4 out of 5
Dr Jim M
Great Cooktop Sep. 13, 2012
I have recently received this unit and have put it through it paces. I have been cooking on induction units for 4 or 5 years and have one built-in and 3 free standing. Compared to top of the line units the Nesco measures up quite favorably. I like the 5 cooking modes, and it is very responsive when moving from one to the other. This is a nice feature for beginning induction users.

The one thing I miss on this unit, compared to others, is a timer. I have come to be dependent on a timer, especially with my pressure cooker, but for the price this is an excellent unit that I will use with confidence and recommend without hesitation or reservation.

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