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nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545

nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545
Tea Maker (1 Liter)  
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Tea Maker (1 Liter)
Item Number: TM-1P

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It's tea as easy as 1-2-3!

The Nesco® Real-Tea Tea Maker is a must-have for any tea lover.

Making the perfect cup of tea requires a great tea maker. This tea maker, with the ability to brew loose or bagged tea, in addition to its variable steeping times, opens a whole new world of possibili-teas. This Real-Tea Tea Maker offers you everything you need for a perfect cup of tea.

Water filters through the one liter heating chamber at perfect tea temperature (not too hot for delicate white or green teas), steeps for the time selected and automatically flows into the glass pot below.

1 Liter Water Tank
Adjustable Steeping Time
Auto Keep Warm Function
Glass Tea Pot
Stainless Steeping Chamber
Indicator Light
120 Volt
1200 Watts

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Customer Ratings and Reviews
4 Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
Write a Review
2 out of 5
Gary N
Lake Stevens, WA
cold tea Jan. 18, 2014
While it makes good tea the auto warm function turns off after an hr so if you do not drink the tea right away you have auto cold tea .
5 out of 5
Melessa R
Roanoke, VA
I am a tea lover. I have experimented with so many tea makers over the years it's not even funny! I've bought them from $19 up to $299 and have never found a tea maker I liked or would recommend UNTIL I found this one!! It's incredible!! FINALLY, someone has made a tea maker for TEA and not for coffee. Tea needs to sit and steep, not have hot water flow over it like coffee and that's all the other tea makers do, thus making the tea horrible. I use FRESH TEA LEAVES daily and this tea maker is perfect. It's got a stainless steel filter that's big enough to hold whole tea leaves and it also has a steeping selector so you can steep each batch of tea at whatever steeping times you want, from 2 minutes for teas like green teas/white teas to 14 minutes for teas like black teas or flavored teas. I have recommended this tea maker to everyone that is a tea drinker and I've gotten plenty of people to try it and they too have loved it as much as I do! My ONLY wish is that they'd make this tea maker in the 2 Liter or larger size for people such as myself that drinks a lot of tea each day, but other than that, I can't think of anything else that would make this any better because it's just PERFECT!! THANKS NESCO for finally making a tea maker for tea, not coffee!!! IT'S GREAT!
5 out of 5
Cheryl A
Pottsville, PA
Fabulous Tea Mar. 25, 2013
This is a Great tea maker. I actually bought 2. One for home and one for work. I had a Sunbeam for years and since they don't make them anymore and couldn't find anthing, I stumbled across this one and only tea maker. I am so satified with the quality of tea. We use fresh tea at home and at work and am very pleased with your product. I am glad I got the 2nd one for work. Now I can enjoy fresh brewed tea anytime of day :)
5 out of 5
Joann M
Carnegie, PA
Best Ever Tea Maker Dec. 8, 2012
I have been buying tea makers for a long time and have been more or less disappointed in them. This is the first one that I totally love. I was looking at another tea maker at a tea store that was over twice the cost but first read the reviews online and some were pretty negative, like leaking, hard to clean, etc. This teamaker is like having a maid make you tea. It is very easy to use, makes perfectly brewed tea and is easy to clean. I would recommend this to anyone and consider it one of the best purchases I made all year and believe it is reasonably priced for the convenience it provides.

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