6 Qt. Nescote® Non-Stick Cookwell

6 Qt. Nescote® Non-Stick Cookwell
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This Nescote® Non-Stick cookwell can be used to replace or upgrade the cookwell you received with your 6 Qt. Nesco® Roaster. Carries one year factory warranty. Works with all of our 6 Qt. roasters.

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4 out of 5
Dianna H
Jamestown, NC
6 qt cooker Dec. 24, 2016
I am on my second 6 qt Nesco. My husband bought me my first one about 25 years ago in blue. It still works great. We opted to put it in our camper because the blue coat was getting scratched up and bought a new stainless steel 6 qt. for the house. That's now been at least 5-10 years ago and it is still going strong!
These are fantastic products made to last which is something to come by these days in this throw away society!

A Nesco fan for life.........

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