Coffee Bean Roaster Pro Series

Coffee Bean Roaster Pro Series
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The NESCO® Pro Coffee Bean Roaster is a coffee enthusiast's dream, bringing the freshness and quality of roasting fresh gourmet coffee to your home. NESCO®'s Patented Catalytic Converter is the beginning of a new era in coffee roasting.

Once you've experienced the flavor of fresh gourmet coffee roasted like this, you will want to share it with everyone you know. You'll be surprised to learn how fast and easy it is to roast your own specialty coffee beans right at home.

Roaster creates an even roast and uniform color while controlling the roast from light to dark. It is fast and economical --- roasts a batch of beans in less than 20 minutes at half the cost of store-bought.

Craft your own signature coffee from your favorite bean combination, achieve a wide range of distinct flavors. It's fun and easy. Roast up to 1/3 lb of beans in only 20 to 30 minutes, that's enough for 36 cups of coffee.

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• Advanced Patented Catalytic Technology Significantly Reduces Smoke and Odor
• Underwriters Laboratories Listed
• 800 Watts/120 Volt
Customer Ratings and Reviews
27 Customer Reviews 3 out of 5
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2 out of 5
Anthony B
Very Dissapointed Dec. 9, 2018
Size roasting batches are way too small, glass roasting container loosened and fell apart and it over heated and broke only after just under a year of use. Cleaned after every use and took good care of the product. Roasted approximately 20 pounds of beans before the product failed. Would not recommended or purchase this product ever again, just very dissatisfied.
1 out of 5
Jeff S
Chicago, IL
Want so much to love this roaster Oct. 28, 2018
Do I ever want to love this made-in-America small appliance....

Because there are no other "smokeless" home coffee roasters, this one is the only game in town. So, I'm on my second one. The first lasted 14 months and died, even though I took care of it with kid gloves. The second one is already dragging (speeding up and slowing down during the roast cycle), no matter that I never exceed the fill levels.

Calling the company offers no solace, as they are only able to tell me that the product is currently "under review," whatever that means, and are unable even to service it until further word from "engineering."

Love the idea; very troubled by the execution. Get it right folks. My home-roasting habit depends on it!
4 out of 5
Garrett C
So far so good! Sep. 8, 2018
I bought this used (he had it 1.5+ years) roasting about 1x week. I am about 10-15 pounds through it in 9 months, and so far so good. It provides a good even roast, cool option works fairly well. Smoke control is amazing, which is why I got it. Small batches, but hey, I paid $50 for it. Only issue I am looking at so far is that the chaff screen is starting to slip from the rim, a $10 part, so no worries there.
2 out of 5
Dave H
Good while it lasts July 26, 2018
I have two of these. One is the original Zach and Dani and the second is the Nesco Pro model. They work for a while then usually the drive belt breaks or starts slipping. It would not be a problem if I could find a replacement, but that has proven to be impossible. I've tried all over the internet. The belt is a simple flat rubber/EPDM 6mm by 420mm. I've used a ring cut from a tire tube in desperation. You might think twice or even three times before investing in a machine which cannot be easily or cheaply repaired.
1 out of 5
Wiley M
Roasts fine - no customer service after purchase Dec. 3, 2017
It's a great roaster, and it almost lasted a year, but there seems to be no replacement parts for the product. I sent a message to customer reply. West to the Nesco website and searched for replacement match. Don't waste your money because the parts won't last forever.
5 out of 5
Stephen S
Most excellent roaster Oct. 27, 2017
We have put over 150# of beans through our roaster and it's worked perfectly. I roast every few days. The sink sprayer cleans the chaff from the screen and that's all it takes between roasts. If mine dies, we'll replace it with the same one.
5 out of 5
Rick H
CR1010 Coffee Roaster June 16, 2017
I have used my roaster for over two years and have never had a minutes trouble out of it until last night.It made a loud pop and quit blowing air. Checked it over and found the fan blade broke. Called this morning and the new blade is on the way!!!! Great customer service and very easy to talk to! Would buy from them again in a minute. As far as the roaster it is Easy to setup and start using, just have to watch the beans and know when to cool for the perfect roast! After a while you will get to know the length of time you need for the type of coffee you use. Great roaster!
1 out of 5
Dave V
Don't waste your money Dec. 22, 2016
I've bought a few of these roasters, and most lasted about two years before the drive belt failed and the plastic pulley melted, creating a pile of junk. I figured for the price, a cheap roaster every couple of years was OK since the next pricier brand was about $500. Well, I just bought one of these cheapos that lasted two weeks, and the motor failed. I can hear the relay click, and can feel the heater warm up, but nothing is turning -- dangerous!!! I advise anyone considering this roaster to reconsider. I am returning the latest one and will never, ever buy another. They are poorly made and will not last you very long. Some folks claim they have good experiences, and good on them. I am very conscientious about keeping the unit clean and well cared for, and every one I've bought has failed within two years -- and now ... two weeks.
1 out of 5
Doug W
Designed to Fail Apr. 30, 2015
You will note that there are two types of ratings. Good ratings from those whose unit has yet to fail and bad ratings from those who have already failed. Mine seized in three months of use. The problem is the drive wheel is made out of plastic which is not sufficiently heat resistent, so guess what? It melts and seizes the machine.

I registered my unit and sent in the warranty card when I bought the unit, but all Nesco would say is send it back postage paid and insured (both ways) and pay for labor and the parts. In exchange and after all that expense, you get a unit back which will melt exactly the same thing. I even asked them to send me another wheel (they won't do it). I was told they knew of no product improvment and had heard nothing about the melting problem. Really? Don't they read their own web site reviews? For $10 per unit they could buy an aluminum drive wheel from the same Chinese vendor and have a decent product.

I just ordered a roaster from another manufacturer. I had no real choice.
4 out of 5
Bruce B
I like my roaster Apr. 22, 2015
I bought my machine about 2 years ago. When I had a problem with the bearing being loose in the press fit socket, I got some epoxy (heat resistant) and just potted it. You need to be sure it is square in the holder. I haven't had any more problems. I clean the screen after each use now as the oils build up and stop the air flow if you don't.
1 out of 5
Doug C
Coffee Bean Roaster Jan. 20, 2015
I loved this machine for the time I was able to use it. You will see other comments that are similar however, you will also see comments about the machine essentially melting which is what happened to me. They won't sell replacement parts ostensibly because of insurance issues? Whose issues anyway? So for the cost of a $2.00 Shiv, my roaster is useless. The factory will repair it for $100 plus I pay for all shipping. Sorry NESCO, this is not the machine for the home roaster. Stay away from this machine all together.
5 out of 5
Bernie A
Glen Ridge, NJ
Works Great Jan. 15, 2015
I have been using the same roaster for over three years and it works great. I've roasted many different types of coffees and this roaster has worked well. The feature I like best is the catalytic converter. I use the roaster in the kitchen by the exhaust fan and there isn't any smoke or odor. Unlike a previous roaster which smoked so bad I could only use outdoors and in the cold of winter it was hard to consistently roast the beans. Having used and burnt out several roasters, this is by far the best for the money.
5 out of 5
Michael M
Great Home Roaster Dec. 26, 2014
I just received this roaster for Christmas and roasted a batch of Nicaraguan green coffee(SM). I set the NESCO for 25 minutes and let it go. It came out perfect, nice even color throughout the roast! It was quieter than I expected considering the auger design (the cooling cycle was a bit noisy I suppose it was the internal blower kicking in). No smoke, great chaff collector and easy cleanup.
5 out of 5
Mike S
Great roaster Nov. 27, 2014
I've got two of these roasters and use them all the time we roast all of our own coffee roasters are 7 and 9 yrs old still work like a champ I have called from time to time to order parts such as chaff screens and rubber gaskets but that is all I've had to replace great machines.
5 out of 5
Jeff B
Nesbo Coffee Roaster Nov. 2, 2014
I've had the unit for a couple of weeks now without any problems. I feel the unit is build solid and if it lasts a year I'll be happy. I would like a larger roaster because I have to cycle the roast to last a week. For example, I may have to roast three batches with is rather time consuming. I do appreciate the small counter-space this appliance requires and I do enjoy the product.

If you love coffee and have some money to buy a roaster, it is a lot of fun. The popcorn poppers work too, but I believe they are to hot to do a consistence job.
1 out of 5
Marileen R
Scottsdale, AZ
Planned Obsolescence Aug. 30, 2013
I started roasting with a popcorn popper and loved the freshness. My husband bought the Nesco Roaster as an Anniversary present. It worked well for 2 years (I am the only coffee drinker in the house) then the fan inside the unit, mounted to the motor blew apart. There is also heat damage in the unit. After inspection I agree with Vernon M, planned obsolescence, it was not made to last. Our environment is in a critical state and when appliances, along with everything else end up in our landfills who's to blame? I'm going with a roaster that will last for years.
4 out of 5
Bear A
First one not made right, second one is fine May 22, 2013
I used a West Bend Poppery II for many years but it didn't last forever. We got a Nesco roaster and it must have been made on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. We eventually sent it in on the warranty and got back a good one, and have been using it for quite a while. It works.
3 out of 5
Howard H
screws unstable May 19, 2013
The screws holding the handle of the roasting chamber gradually loosen up and fall off. I've replaced one chamber when the handle fell off, and with the next one I simply removed the handle once the screws came loose. The unit is nice, but the thin grid on the chaff filter is difficult to keep clean
1 out of 5
Vernon M
Giving up after 4 machines Apr. 22, 2013
I started with these machines when they were called Zach and Dani's, moved to the Nesco Branded, and the last one I bought from Hammacher Schlemmer because of their lifetime warranty. Now after 3 month of use, that one has died also. I have never gotten more than 2 yrs use out of any of these roasters and I clean them regularly. If Nesco would make replacement parts available, I would probably keep using this device. I like how it works when it is working. But they keep melting the plastic drive pulley in the bottom of the unit. In my opinion this is planned obsolescence. I am giving up on this brand.
5 out of 5
giovanni G
nesco roaster Mar. 16, 2013
Our company sells roaster profesionali for bars, and mini roasters for individuals. We need to receive a commercial offer of your NESCO roaster (CR-1010-PRR), and if you can get the product at 220 v
More infornaton to
5 out of 5
Love my Nesco roaster Feb. 19, 2013
I read the one star review and had to add some balance.. I've had my roaster for more than a couple of years and been drinking roasted coffee 98% of those days.. it has been roasting like a trooper. Just recently the mesh metal filter is starting to wear out so I will try to replace that. I clean the container, filter and cap with each use but wipe down the unit itself only once in a while. I'll be getting another one as soon as this one gives in. Oh and the coffee from Burman's is great too :-).
5 out of 5
My favorite kitchen appliance Feb. 15, 2013
The Nesco CR-1010 coffee bean roaster is my favorite "kitchen" appliance. I add quotation marks to the "kitchen" because in spite of the smoke containment that is built into the appliance, my wife does not like the smell of roasting coffee in the house, and I do the roasting outside or in the garage. I currently use an X-10 Airsight IP camera to oversee the roasting on my cell phone. I have been using the CR-1010 for 2 1/2 years. making 2-3 batches/week. I always wait at least 30 minutes between roasts. While others (MG) may have had experienced a short longevity of the appliance, I have not. I do take care of it. I always watch to make sure that the belt drive mechanism is working to prevent the beans from stagnating in one spot only to burn. There was one time that the belt twisted on itself causing an irregular rotation, and I easily fixed it. I have been able to make dark and light roasts by adjusting the amount of beans and the time of the roast. I take great pride in being a "barista" and have even bought a CR-1010 for a friend. Today was the first time that I had to invest any money into the machine (I bought a replacement screen for $5). Dealing with the people at Nesco was a pleasure.
1 out of 5
m G
Nesco Coffee Roaster Jan. 17, 2013
This machine does NOT hold up to the high temperatures that are required to roast coffee. They are charging 199.00 for it and you can only expect minimal usages of this machine. Their reasoning is that the temperatures get hot when roasting. Well isn't that a given. Shouldn't they manufacture a product that can hold up to those temperatures so that it doesn't burn out. My warranty was not in effect but then I didn't use it that much either. But they reminded me that it doesn't matter if it was seldom used because the warranty ran out. So, if you spend 200.00 better plan to use it a lot and at the end of the year throw it in the trash. You can get a lot of coffee freshly brewed at a good coffee seller for that 200.00, coffee included.
4 out of 5
stephen R
beaconsfield, QB
Nesco does it right Sep. 6, 2012
I have been using this unit for 18 months and it has been a constant companion to me in the kitchen. I have never had a problem with it, maybe because i take good care of it (cleaning it every use). The unit is smoke free (unless you do starbucks kind of roasting) and the slow roast allows you to control the exact doneness of the beans. This however is its shortcoming. You can only do dark roasts if you use about 90 grams of beans.. i do a 135 gm roast for 28 minutes for a nice medium to medium dark roast.
look, i know there is a 1 star review, but there is always the chance of getting a lemon. even Consumer Reports tries 2 or even 3 more units if their first is a lemon.
i'm even thinking of bying another one for when mine gives up and they are out of production. hopefully they will be around for a long time.
4 out of 5
Chris F
Laval, QB
Nice simple product Aug. 10, 2012
Nice simple product. It needs a 150g of green beans each time. No problem so far (2 months) and I use it once a week at least. Rost the beans evenly. I would say try 19 min (it includes a 5 min cooling) if you like a light roasting. Plug it into the oven plug. It's more stable and it's a seperate circuit... I would like to see a model with a temperature control.
1 out of 5
ken H
burned out withing 1 month Aug. 2, 2012
I had the same problem as the previous review. Unit worked great for about 1 month. I used it today and left the unit alone for 5 minutes too say goodbye to my sister whom I had been showing how to use it.

When I came back the aluminum in the auger had melted into the grate. So thinking I could get a new glass jar and auger. I cleaned the unit up and now it will not work.

When this unit works it works great but it's hard to love it when it dies within a month.

1 out of 5
Thomas W
Dissatisfied Customer July 3, 2012
I purchased the Nesco Professional model about 3 months ago. And the auger just locked up completely just 3 minutes into a roast. I owned the previous model before Nesco stepped in and upgraded the unit. I'm very disappointed with the purchase as the unit has failed so soon. I completed about a dozen roasts. That's very expensive per roast. I advise shoppers to beware and consider their options. I would not recommend this model and do not intend on purchasing again.

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