Grill with Glass Lid

Grill with Glass Lid
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The Nesco® Grill with Glass Lid gives you versatility in your kitchen, camper, RV or at the office. Foods can be grilled, cooked or just kept warm inside the grill.

Whether making breakfast, lunch or dinner, use this grill for making french toast, sandwiches, fish, burgers or steak, all with this one convenient appliance. The grill becomes an oven with the lid closed.

The premium non-stick interior makes cleanup easy and fast, while the tray catches grease.

All parts are dishwasher safe with the temperature probe removed.

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• 1500 watts/120 volt
• 17"x 14" ribbed cooking surface
• Durable glass lid with handle
• Adjustable temperature control
• Premium non-stick interior for easy clean up
• Tray catches grease

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