Pressure Cooker 6 Liter, 3 functions in 1 (Digital Controls)

Pressure Cooker 6 Liter, 3 functions in 1 (Digital Controls)
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Available Color/Flavor: Stainless Steel

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Regular: $109.99
Sale: $89.99
Color/Flavor: Stainless Steel ($89.99)


The Nesco® 6 Liter stainless steel pressure cooker also functions as a Slow Cooker and a Steamer! Operated with a programmable digital timer that can be set to delay cooking up to eight hours. Ideal for making healthy & delicious home made soups, stews and chili. Fish, chicken, and vegetables cook to perfection in minutes. Pressure cooking preserves flavors and nutrients, and speed cooks inexpensive cuts of meat into great tasting meals.

Set includes: 6 Liter pressure cooker with removeable non-stick chamber, steam rack, and instruction manual/recipe book.

Pressure Cooker Manual »
• Pressure cook - Two pressure settings /120 Volt
• 1000 Watts
• Slow cook up to 9-1/2 hours
• Steam - steaming rack included
• Brown
• Warm or reheat food
• 6 - Liter Capacity
• Worry-Free Operation
• Cover locks securely into place.
• Safety steam release prevents cover from being opened until pressure is reduced to a safe level.
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44 Customer Reviews 4 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Victor H
Going on strong! Oct. 12, 2016
I have owned my Nesco 3in1 for over eight years. It has moved from the house and into the motorhome. The stainless steel exterior is a little scratched and dented, but it's fine! I don't need to carry and store an extra slow cooker or steamer! We wake up to steel cut oatmeal for breakfast using the timer. I have cooked absolutely delicious Yucatan Puerco Pibil, (a very spicy and tasty pork featured in a Johnny Depp movie). I'll occasionally pressure steam two dozen eggs for pickling. Regularly make meat loaf, stews, pot roast, pea soup. And the best and fastest Fabas Asturianas, (bean stew with pork and sausages), in 45 minutes.

I hope my thermal fuse doesn't burn out unexpectedly one day.
3 out of 5
Julie J
Great pressure cooker bad fuse Mar. 6, 2016
Why do you put such a shoddy thermal fuse in it? I returned the first one when it just stopped working. Then when it happened again with the second one I googled the problem and voila! it WAS the fuse. Got an inexpensive replacement fuse from Radio Shack and it's worked ever since (5 years). I just don't know why companies are playing this game with the thermal fuse???
3 out of 5
Anthony E
3 Feb. 21, 2016
My Pressure cooker would shut down before it started the countdown.Remedy is with cooker plugged out press the start button.when you plug cooker in press the start button again. Then continue from there.It isvery important to do it in that order.
1 out of 5
Deborah D
my Nesco Pressure Cooker Nov. 8, 2015
I guess my review is just like most. I loved my nesco pressure cooker. Used it all the time. Three to four times a week, then just like most when it stopped, it stopped. Nothing, won't come on or anything. I know things break but for the amount I spent on this item, I would have thought it would have lasted longer than it did. Once satisfied, now disappointed !! 1 star based on time of use, 5 stars on performance while it lasted
5 out of 5
Helen N
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Apr. 25, 2015
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pressure cooker. I use it almost every night , and have for almost three years now. I am the Only caregiver to my disabled husband and sometimes forget to thaw out dinner....but this is Wonderful because I don't have to do that. I highly recommend it to everyone. I have had Friends and Family purchase them, and they Love theirs also +++
1 out of 5
t G
Loved it - WHILE IT WORKED Nov. 2, 2014
Disappointed - I've owned the pressure cooker for a little over a year, and used it 1-2 times a month. I loved using it. It was easy and versatile. Yesterday, in the middle of making my chili, it turned off and will not come back on. I don't feel like this product held up as it should considering the cost. I would be afraid to buy this brand again, as it seems like this is a common problem, but will most likely try another brand. Nesco, you have a desirable product if you will improve on the quality.
1 out of 5
Laurie O
Broken Arrow, OK
Buyer Beware Feb. 18, 2014
We had this just over a year & used it about 3x a month and then it never powered on again. When it worked it did work very well but we have to say the quality control is non existent as others have had the same issues ( of course everything breaks right after the warranty expires).Will not buy from nesco again, $79.oo shot to heck on this cooker. People go ahead and purchase the Cuisinart pressure cooker, we did and got a 3yr. warranty. Nesco needs to address these faulty power issues.
5 out of 5
Candace H
mount nebo, WV
easy Jan. 13, 2014
Easy to use, yet gets the job done. A wonderful appliance.
2 out of 5
B. C
Awesome Product While It Worked Jan. 2, 2014
I used this prodcut for several months and I was very pleased with its performance. One day I put have of my meat in the pressure cooker and it came out great. I put the other half of the meat in the cooker and it would not power on. I thought maybe there was a short in the power cord, but after reading the other reviews, it probably just stopped working like several others. This is very disappointing. I really liked this product and had begun relying on it.
3 out of 5
Thomas K
great while it lasted Dec. 29, 2013
Headline says it all, loved it while it lasted. less than two years and stopped working. I wrote theses guys a email and am waiting for a responce. The good part of these things is how fast you can cook a good simple meal. I Use the rice steamer to cook up a batch of rice with veggies on top then use the pressure cooker to cook chicken with bbq sauce. it only takes about 35-40 min for frozen chicken thighs to be falling off the bone.
5 out of 5
Busy M
Nesco's gift to busy moms Nov. 10, 2013
I purchased the previous model about 7 years ago and it makes cooking so easy. Years ago I had a bad experience with a stove top pressure cooker and was absolutely terrified to use a pressure cooker until I purchased the Nesco 3-1, since purchasing this I have cooked at least 2 meals a week with it. My family loves the meals I make in it because they are tasty and the meat is so tender. I so happy to say that every time I make a meal in the pressure cooker its safe, saves me time, and I receive compliments because of the even cooking. For anyone having difficulty using the pressure cooker it is very important that you make sure you lock the lid properly. Thank you Nesco for creating this excellent product.
2 out of 5
di M
nesco 3 in one pressure cooker Oct. 15, 2013
Recieved it for a Christmas gift, used it weekly for 8 months then the digital panel went out mid much for durability!
5 out of 5
Becky B
my Nesco pressure cooker Oct. 2, 2013
My Son Bought me an electric pressure cooker about 5 years ago ,and at first I was kinda scared of it cause I have had regular pressure cookers blow up on me before, it works very well ,it is one of the best appliances that i have ever had ,it cooks a meal in minutes instead of hours. my husband uses it also,he loves it ,i think he uses it more often than I do,even his brother was so impressed with the way it cooked pinto beans so fast that he went and bought his wife one ,and they love theirs,we are very satisfied with our pressure cooker, thank you,Becky B. Wartburg Tn.
2 out of 5
Sue W
Franklin, NC
Great appliance but ... Oct. 2, 2013
This appliance is the best thing ever - when it works. It does everything it is supposed to do and does it well - when it is functional. It has become indispensable in my kitchen. Unfortunately it recently stopped working completely; no sign of life! With a houseful of folks and my addiction to this appliance that made for a miserable weekend! The cooker was about four months old when it quit. I am waiting to hear from Nesco about returning it.
5 out of 5
Liz F
Litchville, ND
First experience with pressure cooker? A+! July 11, 2013
A coworker introduced me to pressure cooking last Christmas so I asked for this one for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I started with the recipes included and then went online and got more. I've never been disappointed with anything I've cooked. I have gotten rid of my slow cooker and just use this. This summer has been terrific to put in a meal and not heat up the house, making the a/c work extra. I plan on giving these away for Christmas this year as well as wedding gifts.
1 out of 5
Pat M
So Disappointed!!! June 24, 2013
Bought the 6qt. digital pressure cooker at Walmart for a decent price. It was tricky getting the thing to build pressure at times. You have to work with the lid and make sure there is no steam escaping, but I managed. This was my first digital cooker and I absolutely fell in love with this thing! I could brown a cheap cut of meat, then cook it to melt in your mouth perfection, and all in the same pot! Very little cleanup and no stifling heat in the kitchen afterwards to deal with. I was in heaven for 3 to 4 months. Then one day it just wouldn't power up. I called Nesco a few months later. Others it seems have had the same problem. It hadn't been a year and I had kept the box, but genius me misplaced the receipt. The lady at Nesco said they would be happy to fix it--if I paid for shipping, paid to fix it, and of course she couldn't guarantee that it could be fixed or how much it would cost. I have other Nesco appliances which are doing fine and I sure do miss that little cool baby but my loyalty has evaporated with that one phone call. Customer service is most important these days. Time to try a new brand!
4 out of 5
.gordon M
port coquitlam, BC
Stove top vs Electric Pressure Cookers June 4, 2013
I've had stove top P.C.s for decades. I'm amazed very few of my friends have one. No question in my mind I've gained weeks, maybe months of time with a stove top P.C. and as of a year ago, my 1st electric NESCO P.C.
Initially I was impressed by the silent operation. Soon my opinion lessened as cooking times seemed longer. On review of the specs. I read the electric model max. pressure is 10psi, not 15psi as are stove top models. I kept my stove top model and over the last year find it useful to have both types. I gave my stove top model 85%. Based on the stove top rating, I give my 6-litre electric P.S. a level of 75%. Fully acceptable.
2 out of 5
Loved it until it conked out after 14 months Apr. 29, 2013
I loved, loved, loved this combo slow cooker pressure cooker. But 14 months after I got it just stopped working. If I had paid less I would shrug it off. But an appliance that costs nearly $100 should last longer.
4 out of 5
Great, but the lid is weird.... Mar. 21, 2013
I received the Nesco 6qt 3-in-1 electric pressure cooker for Christmas. This is my first pressure cooker and I love it! I was afraid of it at first, but, being electric, it is much different than your grandmother's old pressure cooker! I love that you can put frozen chicken breast it it and they're done within 20 minutes. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I seem to have a terrible time getting the lid on! I'm not sure why, but it takes me about 5 minutes to get the lid placed on it properly....otherwise, it's great!
1 out of 5
Jessica C
Won't turn on after 2 uses Jan. 21, 2013
I used the pressure cooker only twice and then it wouldn't turn on again. Buyer beware. My product was out of warrenty since it had been over a year so I'd have to pay for it to be fixed. I notice from other reviews that other customers have had the same problem. It would appear that NESCO needs to address this issue if it continues to occur.
5 out of 5
Diana C
Delanco, NJ
Nesco Digital Pressure Cooker Jan. 9, 2013
The whole time I was using this pressure cooker, I was amazed at how easy it was. I am a senior and used a pressure cooker constantly when my family was growing up in the 60's and 70's. I love things like beef stew in the pressure cooker, rather than the crock pot. With this, I can do either/or depending on the recipe. I LOVE this! Maybe you have to have used the old products back in the day to appreciate how awesome it is to just put the ingredients in the pot and not have to adjust the heat when the steam starts. I'm just sorry I didn't buy this years ago !!!
5 out of 5
Dilia E
AMAZING DINNERS!!!! Jan. 9, 2013
I got my 6 liter 3 in 1 cooker as a gift for Christmas. I been wanting a pressure cooker for awhile. I wanted meals like I had as a kid when grandma cooked with hers on the top of the stove. From the first time used it has made some really cheap tough cuts of meat just absolutely amazingly yummy and tender. The timer is nice and with no noise it cooked better than grandmas .... SHHHH you didn't hear that from me! I going to make my BBQ chicken in it tonight! Oh btw anyone making tortilla soup OMG it is absolutely the best when made in this slow cooker!! And ham and white beans can't beat it at all the beans were so tender. The best thing that I loved is the color of my veggies when I made stew they were bright not dullish. OK, OK so you can tell I love it and use it a lot! It was the BEST Christmas gift ever! And my family loves the meals it has made! I love the fact that it is easy to clean! I have been telling everyone about it and recommend it highly! Great product, great service and easy to use! It is defiantly user friendly!
5 out of 5
Annie L
Versatile, Reliable, Fast -LOVE IT! Nov. 16, 2012
Had used stovetop pressure cooker before, thought I'd try this. WOW! Have had it for several years & use it for more than just pres. cooking: soups, rice, pasta, black bean glop (soup or semi-solid depend. on amt. of water), slow cook, etc. And, unlike stovetop, found I can make fantastic chicken, ribs & roasts in my Nesco press. cooker. Its reliable, easy to use, easy to clean &safe. Works beautifully! Recommend it to anyone who wants good, truly fast, delicious food w/o fuss. When the pressure valve needed replacing, my Husband kept pestering me to get a new one so as to ensure ability to pressure cook. (still made fabulous food even w/o being able to pressurize.) GET IT! You'll LOVE IT as I do! BTW: Nesco stands behind its American products!
5 out of 5
Diane F
Best Ever Sep. 29, 2012
I cannot say enough good things about this pressure cooker. It is such a change from the stovetop model I could not believe it. I kept going back and checking to make sure it was still working because it was so quiet. My only problem was remembering to allow about 15 min. for the cooker to reach the correct pressure before it started cooking. Now I do it automatically. I absolutely love this product. I gave my daughter my old one and after she used it a few times and decided she liked the speed of cooking this way she also bought the digital model, and you cannot beat the price. My only regret is that I did not buy it sooner.
5 out of 5
Harvellee S
Escondido, CA
The Best Pressure Cooker I've ever used!!!! Sep. 22, 2012
I have used pressure cookers for most of my forty three years of marriage. I always had the stove top type. I bought the 3-in-1 Digital by Nesco a few months ago. It is by far the best one I have ever used. I love the browning control, the slow cooker control, and steaming. Everything I have cooked in it has been great. I love the timer but most of all it is so quite and so very easy to clean. Not only will I buy one for my daughters in laws, but I will tell all my friends about it. THANK YOU NESCO, for the great product.
5 out of 5
Kelly E
Love, Love, Love this pressure cooker. Aug. 13, 2012
I have been looking for and wanting a pressure cooker for a long time. The Walmart near me had the 6 3/4 quart on clearance for $55.00. I could not pass this up it was such a great price. I made spare ribs last week and tonight I made chicken cachitore(not sure of spelling) and the chicken was frozen solid in less than 30 minutes. That was absolutely amazing to me. They were both so good. I am going to try Rice Pudding this week. Clean up is so easy. I recommend that everyone should have one of these because of the versatility, clean up and ease of use.
5 out of 5
Mom F
Mother's Day Gift May 14, 2012
Received this model for Mother's Day and am so excited! (i asked for one-I'm just glad they picked THIS one.) So easy to use and clean-up was a snap! Glad I took the time to read the manual and performed the "before first use" section. I am looking forward to trying meats, beans, and veggies in this thing. First recipe was a browned, whole chicken. So easy and so tender. We will use this regularly!!
5 out of 5
Mike F
Best I've ever seen Apr. 19, 2012
Does everything, and does it better than the rest. One thing that speaks to the equity of this cooker, is the silicone gasket. Silicone is better in every respect to the standard. rubber gaskets found on other brands' cookers.

Also, the timer function is extremely useful. When you start a pressure cooking session,the timer doesn't start counting down until full pressure is achieved. This lets you. set the time, press 'start', and walk away, not having to wait until it comes to pressure.

Just love this machine.
5 out of 5
Forgot to add this detail Mar. 15, 2012
I forgot to add this little detail to my review. Upon 1st time use; allow 30- 45 minutes for the cooker to reach pressure. Do a first use with water only. After the 1st use, the cooker should achieve pressure in about 10 minutes or less. Keep in mind the cooker needs time to achieve proper temp then it can achieve pressure.
5 out of 5
Ada A
I like it Mar. 15, 2012
This is my 1st Nesco pressure cooker but 2nd pressure cooker. This model is easy to use. I reccomend you read the instructions to get aqainted with the appliance. Clean up is easy. I've prepared various items which were all flawless. Design is attractive so it looks nice in any kitchen. I have not had spillage. My guess is if you do, perhaps you've over filled it . I'm very happy & satisfied with my purchase.
3 out of 5
Bonnie B
Crossville, TN
Pressure Cooker Quit Mar. 2, 2012
I loved this pressure cooker till today. Right in the middle of cooking dinner it quit.
Checked outlet and have power.
Cooker does not light up.
5 out of 5
Linda T
Sussex, NJ
I was so afraid. Jan. 26, 2012
My memories of a pressure cooker was my best friend's mother using one and we were not allowed in the kitchen when it was on. So I didn't buy one for years because of the fear factor.
I finally decided to get one and after reading many reviews, I decided on the Nesco. It took several days to use it, that fear again, and finally I worked up my courage. It was so easy. I now brown the meat when it's called for, I fast release the pressure and add vegetables when I need to and reset it and I'm becoming a pro. I haven't tried the steaming or slow cooking yet, but I will. I now have the confidence. The meat comes out tender and delicious, the rice is tender and the chicken is flavorful. I have looked at other pressure cookers to see if they get up to the 15psi that is considered the best and they don't. This has so many features, there's no need to buy any other appliance. Thank you Nesco for making such a wonderful product. I bought two pressure cooker cook books by Bob Warden and the recipes work wonderful with this cooker.
PS Now my daughter wants one.
4 out of 5
Bonnie B
Crossville, TN
My first Nesco Product Jan. 7, 2012
As a kid I remember my Grandma using a Nesco Roaster Oven. I remembered the name and needed a new Pressure Cooker. Thought I would try the Nesco Brand. Only used it once so far. Didn't cook it long enough so I had to restart it. No problem and in 15 minutes it was so tender. Going to use it tonight and think I will be giving it one more star. Liked that it has a 15# pound pressure valve. I think the instructions could be written better and the buttons more firm. It is so quiet I didn't think it was building up pressure. So I reprogramed it and messed up on the settings and it shut off. Then I saw the red flashing light on the setting and pushed the start button and saw the light on and not flashing. Then it clicked in my head how to set it and everything worked great except I didn't set the timer long enough. Also my meat was still a little frozen yet when I put it in. I have used a pressure cooker for 46 years and even got my daughters using them.
1 out of 5
Disappointed Jan. 3, 2012
I was very excited when got this pressure cooker for Christmas, but the first time I tried it, it did nothing but vent steam - it never built pressure. I turned it off and it wouldn't turn on again.

I called customer service and they would not send a replacement until I returned the non working original, and insisting that I pay out of my own pocket to do so.

I am extremely disappointed and I intend to share my experience.
5 out of 5
Sandy S
Nesco electric pressure cooker Jan. 2, 2012
I love this cooker . It is so easy to use and clean up is fast and easy . I will tell everyone buy this it makes life easier .
5 out of 5
Bill L
Amazing results for a busy Dad Dec. 29, 2011
I've a family of 6 to feed and on Tuesdays sometimes I have to feed the kids fast and hand them off to my wife at her office while I head off to class. McDonalds gets old real fast!

She (wanting more healthy meals) bought this for me for Christmas, I've used it twice with great results!

I used recipies from "Cooking Under Pressure" Jambalaya and Curry Chicken - WOW! the kids ate lots and the cooking time - from cutting the veggies to table was less than 30 minutes both times!

Tonights Curry Chicken was done in a rush - I got home late and rushed through the recipie. I didn't have time to thaw the chicken, so I dumped 3 lbs of frozen chicken thighs into the thing right from the freezer and Prayed.

Our guests couldn't believe it was my first time making the dish it tasted so good!
4 out of 5
Wendy M
Great Cooker But..... Dec. 17, 2011
I have only used this pressure like 4 times with today being the 4th. 2 times before while cooking the meat broth would seep out of this unit some way some how. I made sure the lid was secure and the gasket is still as new since I have only used it less than a hand full of times. Well today I decided to make beef stew. I put everything in and set the times and sat for a few minutes at the kitchen table just chatting with my husband. I saw the steam coming out therefore, it was already building the pressure. Then the steam stopped and I new it was where it needed to be and was cooking. About 5 minutes late, I heard a loud pop which scared me almost into a heart attack! When I look at the pressure cooker, the broth was oozing out from everywhere! The condensor was full and it was all over the place. I just don't understand how this could happen. I was so scard! I transferred all of the food into a 6 quart pot and am now trying to finish my cooking that way! I just don't get it! Thank goodness I was not standing right next to it! I am giving it four stars because in all fairness it cook really fast but I don't know why the lid popped like that when it build all the pressure it needed to.
5 out of 5
Jan L
Victoria, BC
Nesco Electric Pressure Cooker Dec. 13, 2011
I used a regular pressure cooker for years and decided to get an electric one. The first one I ordered didn't have a browning feature so I returned it and got the Nesco instead and I love it. It is so quiet and does a fantastic job. My only wish is that it had a stainless steel insert and that the glass lid was included with it.
5 out of 5
Pueblo, CO
WOW Nov. 15, 2011
I have used this product almost daily for a month. It is a fantastic product. Some time I used it twice a day. I purchased it directly from Nesco. I chose this brand because it goes to 15lb pressure which I often need due to the altitude at which we live. I would buy agian without hesitation. Roasts, soups, stews, pork chops, chicken, vegetables, have all turned out great. Easy to use, easy to clean! I hope Nesco will make a larger size in the future for those big family gatherings.
5 out of 5
Connie B
Bentonville, AR
After 3 day of researching I choose Nesco 3 in 1 Nov. 12, 2011
This machine is a "Kept Secret." I researched Electric Pressure Cookers. Many on the Market, therefore I took 3 days researching what to look for: product description, specifications, calling the different company customer service. I insist on good customer service and replacements to available.
When I called Nesco, no long recorded questions to listen and punch thru.. just one and then a "live voice", pleasant, personable.. Answered my questions without a pause. They have a 1 year warranty and do have replacement parts, . I was interested in the PSI levels. The answer is immediate, she knew! High is 15 (the best) and low is 5. Good.
Some of the most expensive models offered by other companies have a high psi of only 10.. You need the 15 psi for the high. This machine has it.
This machine does have a Stainless Steel body.. Important!.
OK, I CHOOSE THIS NESCO. Wonderful! Easy to use...
Follow the directions! [I have to read directions 3 times to fully digest !] Follow the step by step directions! I had always used the top of the stove models was always very careful.. So was not sure how electric would be to use.
This is so easy. No noise, heats faster than the stove tops ( I have 2 stove top models). No noise. Absolutely easy.
Timers work well.
Browning element is wonderful
nice to use only one pot to brown and cook..
First thing I cooked ... I purchased a cheap pork butt, followed a recipe for Mexican Pork .. Absolutely moist and fork tender! Then purchased the "Pork for Carnitas" and made BBQ Pulled Pork. Excellent! Tender flavorful, moist.
The customer service ladies for Nesco said yes, we can "bake" etc in the machine but the company does not sell such accessories; but can be purchased anywhere. (It does come with a nice wire trivet, a rice spoon, and a cup).
The inner pot is nice and sturdy. Ease of clean up. I was surprised because of the time consuming, cleanup with the heavy stove top models. This inner pot is sturdy, non stick surface.. Be sure and follow directions for cleaning the lid..
I learned from the Customer Service Ladies that this Model is the newest model..
In addition this machine is a "pretty little thing!" as it sits on the counter. I am so pleased with this machine.
5 out of 5
Kim B
Milford, ME
Lasts and lasts Oct. 18, 2011
I've had mine now for a few years and am extremely happy with it. I've made pork roasts, beef roasts,New England Style boiled dinners and even Hawaiian pork just to name a few meals. The only complaint I have is that the pressure regulator valve isn't very strong. I've had to replace mine twice already.
1 out of 5
Steve W
doesn't last Oct. 13, 2011
I really liked this product at the beginning but after a little over a year the pressure valve on top crumbled from the inside and fell off. I now no longer have a pressure cooker I paid over $100 for. It will still work as a steamer and a slow cooker. I am very un happy.
Nesco Response: Dear Steve,

Replacement parts are availble for your pressure cooker through our Customer Service Department. Please call 1-800-288-4545 and we'll be happy to help.

Nesco Customer Service
5 out of 5
rich V
Hoosick Falls, NY
Could Not Believe it! Oct. 11, 2011
This new gadget is unbelieveable. Get rid of all those slow cookers/rice cookers. This Thing does it all. You can Brown your meat/ slow cook/ delay start and steam.
I made split pea soup in 25 mins. 10 mintues on "high" 15 mintues natural release. Beef Burgandy in 20 mintues from (neck meat) stew beef that melted on the fork. Fresh Pasta sauce in 8 mintues.
Clean-up is so fast (wipe and dry) that you can do multiple cookings.
I have been so impressed ordered (2) for gifts. Hard to not brag until they are given. Buy this Pressure Cooker.
5 out of 5
Lynn W
Frederick, CO
I Love this 3 in 1 Pressure Cooker!! Oct. 6, 2011
My sister has been telling me about hers for over a year and I finally decided to try it. It makes cooking normally baked meals in minutes and retains flavor while tenderizing. My first meal was pork spare ribs, sauerkraut, potatoes and peas. Done in 20 minutes, flavorful tender ribs, still crisp kraut, perfectly cooked potatoes that whipped up in a second and just right peas. Cleanup was a breeze!!

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