Making the perfect cup of tea requires a great tea maker.

The Nesco® Real-Tea Tea Maker is perfect for making hot tea with out the risk of over-steeping. The Nesco® Real-Tea Tea Maker does it all - heats water, steeps leaves, and keeps tea warm so you can enjoy your tea all day long and not worry about it cooling off.

The Nesco® Electric Water Kettle is the best way to boil water for home and office use.

No more forgetting about the kettle on the stove. 1500 watts heats up fast and the kettle detaches from the base for ease in serving. Heat water for dry soup mix, pasta, blanching vegetables, hot cereal, hot beverages, Jell-O. Electric kettles typically use up to 40% less energy than stovetop kettles so this is truly energy efficient.
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