2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (11.0" x 19.70')

2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (11.0" x 19.70')
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Available Color/Flavor: Clear

Color/Flavor: Clear ($24.99)


2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (11.0" x 19.70') that can be sized accurately to your needs.

Traditional storage methods can allow food containments to seep in. Oxygen-fed mold and bacteria cause food spoilage, moisture leads to freezer burn. And penetrating odors compromise flavors. Vacuum sealing extracts the air and provides a moisture barrier so your food will stay fresh and last longer.

The bags material is specially designed to lock in freshness and flavor by keeping air, moisture, and odors out. The multi-layer construction is tear-resistant and features cross-venting channels on both sides allowing for maximum air extraction. It is BPA free and safe to microwave, boil and freeze. You can even put them in the dishwasher & re-use.

Material: Polyethene 80%/Nylon 20%
BPA, PVC and Phthalates free

Use It To:
- Reduce food spoilage
- Minimize storage space
- Seal liquids for convenient travel
- Prevent freezer burn
- Protect valuables
- Keep silver from tarnishing
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Veronique V
Boischatel, QB
Excellent Nov. 11, 2014
Vacuum sealer rolls 11.0" x 19.70'

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