18 Qt Spa Pro with Non-Stick Reservoir

18 Qt Spa Pro with Non-Stick Reservoir
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Massage Stone Warmer
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Our 18 Qt. rectangular stone heater is designed for full body massages where a full stone set is required. The stainless steel body professionally matches the stainless lid. The lid features a silicone handle for quick removal. The removable water reservoir is made with non-stick coating for easy clean-up. The temperature dial is simple to read and use and has a pre-heat setting for fast heat-up. It is built to commercial standards, is UL listed and features a grounded three prong plug. It comes with a one year warranty. 1425 watt/120 volt.

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4 out of 5
Callie D
St. Louis, MO
Pros and Cons May 31, 2014
I own a small day spa and own 6 of these 18 qt Spa Pro heaters. They have nice fat electric cords & sturdy 3 prong plugs. Heating element is good in that the temps stay pretty steady. Stainless steal base and lid looks professional (unlike an old one that had "food temps on the front - back in the early days of stone massage). My only complaint, thus 4 stars and not 5 - and it is annoying and frequent - is the liner pans seems to only have 1 thin coat of porcelain finish. Several of my pans, purchased at different times, will develop rust spots within one month. We always place one of those rubber sink pads in the bottom to better see the stones & to soften the noise of return stones to bin. We also sort stones in plastic baskets. Since these pans are in water all day long, day after day (we offer hot stones in ALL of our massages) you'd think they would be better water/rust proof. Also, the enamel should be white or a lighter color to easier see the black stones. PS: I've performed over 7000 hot stone massages & my staff have done around 6000 = 13000 so we have a LOT of experience. Also AVOID any digital stone heater dial. Bottom line, I'll stick with Nesco Spa Pro, just wish they'd fix the problems I mentioned...as my day spa will be offering THE BEST hot stone massages in the midwest for years to come.

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