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Spiced Tomato Soup - Pressure Cooker

4 quarts tomatoes, chopped, peeled and cored
3½ cups onions, chopped
2½ cups celery, chopped
2 cups sweet red peppers, chopped
1 cup carrots, sliced
7 bay leaves
1 Tbsp whole cloves
1 clover garlic
1 cup brown sugar
2 tsp salt

Wash 4 pint or 2 quart jars in hot soapy water; rinse. Keep hot until needed. Prepare lids as manufacturer directs.

Combine tomatoes, celery, peppers, carrots, bay leaves, cloves and garlic in a large sauce pot. Simmer until vegetables are tender. Puree in a food processor or food mill. Return puree to sauce pot. Add sugar and salt.

Cook over medium heat 15 minutes. Ladle hot soup into hot jars, leaving 1" headspace. Wipe rim of jar with a clean damp cloth. Attach lid. Place in basket/rack in NESCO® Electric Pressure Cooker. Add 1½ to 1¾ qt water in canner.

Add an extra pint of water if processing at less than full capacity. Process at 10 lbs pressure for 20 minutes if using pints; 30 minutes for quarts. Remove from heat and LET COOL NORMALLY until steam no longer comes from the vent when regulator is nudged. [See general canning instructions.]

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