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City Chicken - 4, 5 or 6Qt. Roaster

This is a very popular Midwestern dish, particularly among Polish-Americans.

3 lbs stewing pork, cubed
2 eggs
2 Tbsp water
flour seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika
vegetable oil
2 10 oz cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can water
2 chicken-flavored bouillon cubes

Put 4 or 5 pieces of pork on wooden skewers. Make an egg wash with eggs and water. Dip filled skewers in egg wash. Dredge in seasoned flour mixture. In a large skillet, add 1/4" of oil and heat to frying temperature. Brown "City Chicken" (pork) on both sides. Set aside.

Make gravy by combining Mushroom Soup with 1 can of water. Put 1 ladle full of gravy into cookwell of Nesco Roaster Oven. Put City Chicken on top of gravy [OK to stack if 2nd layer is needed]. Pour on remaining gravy. Crumble bouillon cubes and sprinkle over top.

Cover entire cookwell with foil and place lid over foil. Bake at 325ºF for 2 hours or until meat is fork-tender.

Serves 6

Making the City Chicken in my Nesco® Roaster has always resulted in moist, tender meat. The flavors are sealed in, and I don't have to heat up my large oven. This recipe has been a long-standing tradition in our Polish family. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Submitted by Kevin Piotrowski, Dearborn, MI.

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