Perfect Rice - Pressure Cooker

Take the guess work out of cooking rice with the new rice feature on your
NESCO® Electric Pressure Cooker. For the perfect sticky rice all you have to
do is add equal parts white rice and water. You choose the amount of rice,
add the same amount of water, lock the lid, press the RICE function, set
regulator knob to SEAL and then press start.

1 cup of rice / 1 cup of water
2 cups of rice / 2 cups of water
3 cups of rice / 3 cups of water

The RICE function automatically defaults to 12 minutes regardless of how
much rice you are cooking. Once you press start the unit will heat and the
pressure will build in the cooker. Once the optimal pressure is reached the timer
will begin to count down as it cooks your rice on high pressure. The more rice
you have in the unit the more time it will take to come under full pressure.

Perfect Rice - Pressure Cooker

If you prefer rice that is more moist you can add more water and control
your time by using the HIGH pressure cooking mode.

Use this chart as a guide:
2 cups white rice /moister consistency /4 cups water or broth /10 minutes
2 cups yellow rice /4 cups water or broth /12 minutes
2 cups brown rice 4 cups water or broth /20 minutes
2 cups long grain wild rice /4 cups water or broth /35 minutes

There are many different types of rice and desired textures. The quality
of rice you choose can also adjust the cooking time. Use this chart as a
guideline and experiment on high pressure to find the right amount of cooking you
will need to prepare your favorite rice.