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  • Carefully unpack unit and examine all packaging to make sure all parts are included.
  • Clean all parts prior to using.
  • Place unit on a flat stable surface.
  • Make sure Switch is “OFF” (O) and power cord unplugged before assembling.
  • Turn Locking Screw counter-clockwise several turns. Insert Grinder Head into Base opening until seated and tighten Locking Screw.
  • Insert Feed Screw into Grinder Head, long end spindle first. Turn slightly until fully set in Grinder Head.
  • Position Cutting Blade (cut edge facing outward to plate) onto Feed Screw. Make sure blade is seated over ‘square’ shoulder of Feed Screw or meat will not grind properly and Cutting Plate may be damaged.
  • Place desired Cutting Plate over end of Feed Screw and against Blade. NOTE: Make sure “notch" is aligned with ‘key’ in Grinder Head and seated against Blade.
  • Thread Ring Nut on Grinder Head and turn gently until tight. Use Ring Nut Wrench to loosen Nut after use if needed.
  • Place Food Hopper on top of Grinder Head.
  • Plug into 120 V outlet and you are ready to begin grinding.
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