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During extended periods of use, fats from meats can build up inside grinding head causing motor to strain and slow. If this happens turn off grinder and unplug cord from outlet. Disassemble and clean grinding head and feed screw.

Fine Cutting Plate - Use for finely ground texture, such as spreads, baby food or hamburger.

Medium Cutting Plate - Use for ground meat in soups or relishes.

Course Cutting Plate - Use for coarsely ground texture, such as nuts, vegetables or ground meat for chili.

Raw Meat and Fish - These items will have a minimum loss of juices if thoroughly chilled before grinding. When grinding larger quantities, fats can build up inside Grinder Head. If this occurs, disassemble and wash parts in soapy water, then reassemble. After grinding meat, you can clean Feed Screw by grinding a slice of bread.

Remove all bones, tough tendons, nut shells, etc. before grinding.

Nuts - Use Course Cutting Plate and feed nuts into Grinder Head slowly. Whenever possible, alternate with other ingredients, such as dried fruits or vegetables.

Bread Crumbs - Best if using dry or toasted bread. Make sure all parts are free of moisture before starting.
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