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Place Rack in Cookwell; Add hot water in amount given in chart below. Cover; preheat to 350°F for 20 minutes.
Steaming will retain delicate texture and flavor of fish and seafood.

Serve hot: directly from Roaster Oven.

Serve cold: Remove fish/seafood/meat from cookwell and immediately place in cold water to stop cooking process. Chill before serving.

Type of Fish Steam Time Water Amount
Fish Fillets 10 to 15 Min. 3 Cups
Fish Steaks 15 to 20 Min. 4 Cups
Whole Fish (Gills and fins removed) 20 to 30 Min.
(depending on thickness)
4 Cups
Clams in shell 10 to 15 Min. 3 Cups
Crabs Claws and Legs 25 to 35 Min. 3 Cups
Lobster Tails 20 to 25 Min. 4 Cups
Mussels In shell 10 to 15 Min. 3 Cups
Oystes In shell 10 to 15 Min. 3 Cups
Shrimp Large, in shell 8 to 12 Min. 3 Cups
Sea Scallops In shallow dish 10 to 15 Min. 3 Cups
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