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• Place Motor Base on a flat, stable, anti-slip surface.

• Place the Blender Base onto center drive of the Motor Base and press firmly until it locks into position.

• Lift both Retaining Brackets up and hook into slots provided in the Blender Base. Press lower part of bracket to snap into locking position. If brackets are not locked into position the product will not function.

• Place the ingredients into the Blender Base.

• Fit the Lid and Fill Cup. Do Not use the Fill cup when blending HOT liquids.

• Be sure On/Off switch is “O” - OFF position before plugging into 120 volt outlet.

• Set desired speed setting (P = pulse, 1 = low, 2 = high).

• When blending ice, pulse setting is recommended.
WARNING: Do not operate the appliance when dry or fill the jar with hot liquids. Do not rinse the Glass Jar with hot water after preparing cold food.

• Never open the Lid during operation.
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