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The charger does not charge:
• Check whether the indicator LED light is on. If not, make sure the charger and the outlet has been connected properly. If yes, try a new electrical outlet.

• If the charger does not charge when indicator LED light is on, check if the charger and vacuum sealer are seated properly, adjust if needed.

It stops working soon after charged.
• Make sure if the indicator LED lights are on during charging, if not, check if the vacuum sealer and charger are in good contact.

• If the indicateor LED lights are on during charging, make sure the charging time is sufficient. Indicator LED light will turn green when fully charged.

• Please contact NESCO customer support 1-800-288-4545 if it still does not work.

Air is not removed from the bag completely.
• Bags are not sealed, reseal the zipper, and then slip the entire zipper with your finger.

• Replace the zip bag and make sure the valve is clean.

• The items are blocking the valve, position so valve is open or there is too much stuff inside bag.

• Extend the vacuuming time and press most of air out before sealing zipper.

The canister will not vacuum:
• Make sure the adaptor was well connected to both the vacuum sealer and the canister.

• Check if the button of the canister was on the position of “seal”.

• Press the lid downward at the very beginning of vacuuming. This will help to seal canister and lid.

• Check if there is any damage to lid or canister, if yes, do not use.

• Check the function of the vacuum sealer to be sure it is pulling a vacuum.

• Check if the outer suction has been deformed, fractured or blocked, if yes, change
it for a new one.
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