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The Nesco® Jet Stream 2 Oven offers a new and exciting technique for cooking vegetables.
‘Air Frying’ provides the crisp taste of fried foods without the grease that traditionally goes along with them. In the following recipes you will discover some interesting applications of this new process “Jet Stream 2 potatoes” for example, is our equivalent to french fries without the guilt! In addition, you can prepare your favorites in a fraction of the conventional time, or for a complete meal, combine vegetables and meats for combination ideas.
Item Qty Temp Fan Speed Time Rack Position
Acorn Squash, halved 1 (1-1/2 lb.) 375 Low 15-20 min
Baked Potato 3 (6oz.) 400 High 40-45 min
Zucchini, halved 3-4 med 400 Low 9-12 min
Breaded Vegetables 12oz. 400 Low 4-6 min
Corn Soufflé 12oz. 375 Low 15-20 min
French Fries Single layer 400 Low 14-16 min
Hash brown patties 4 400 High 12-14 min
Onion Rings 9-10oz. 400 High 10-12 min
Potatoes au Gratin 11oz. 375 Low 14-16 min
Spinach Soufflé 12oz. 375 Low 15-20 min
Vegetable Lasagna 10oz.
25-30 min

Vegetable Pouch 8-10oz. 400 High 9-10 min
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