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Your new Nesco® Jet Stream 2 Oven is perfect for meats because the cyclonic cooking action quickly sears in juices allowing the outside to brown while the inside stays moist. In addition to the exceptional taste, the Nesco® Jet Stream 2 Oven takes the effort out of cooking. There is no need to adjust food because all sides broil or grill at the same time and because the process is entirely enclosed there is not spattered grease or messy broiler pans to clean.

The Nesco® Jet Stream 2 Oven cooks food so rapidly that there is a tendency to over cook foods, especially meats. Remember that meats will continue to cook after the cooking process is done.
Item Qty Temp Fan Speed Time Rack Position
Bacon 6 slices 400 Low 5-6 min.
Whole Chicken, Quartered 3-5 lbs. 400 High 30-45 min.
Chicken Breast, with bone 2 halves 400 High 15-18 min.
Chicken Breast, boneless 4 400 Low 8-10 min.
Cornish Game Hens 1 (18oz.) 375 High 25-30 min.
Fish fillets, breaded 3-4 (3oz.) 400 Low 6-8 min.
Ground Beef Patties 2-4 400 Low 5-8 min.
Ground Turkey Patties 4-5 400 Low 10-12 min.
Ham Steak 1 lb. 400 Low 5-6 min.
Italian Sausage 3-4 400 Low 10-12 min.
Pork Chops, breaded 2-4 400 Low 12-15 min.
Salmon Steaks 2-3 400 Low 10-14 min.
Steak, beef 1/2-1 lb. 400 High 5-10 min.
Turkey Breast, halved 6 lbs. 350 Low 45 min.
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