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Problem Cause and Solution
Digital display is blank.
  • Roaster not plugged in. Plug into wall outlet.
Unit will not turn on.
  • The Safety Cutoff Switch will turn off power to roaster if cover is open or not properly closed. Make sure Roasting Chamber is correctly seated on Roaster Base, Cover properly aligned and latch closed.
The roasting times are not
  • The household voltage changing - this changes roast characteristics.
  • Different varieties of green coffee beans require different roasting times.
  • Similar green coffee beans from other countries contain different amounts of moisture and require different roasting times.
  • Decaffeinated beans take less time to roast than regular beans. Trial and error are the rule of thumb when roasting coffee beans. It may be helpful to keep notes about roasting times for specific types of coffee beans.
Smoke is emitted and auger
is turning.
  • The Screen/Front Seal or Rear Seal not properly installed, damaged or missing. Reposition or replace as necessary
  • Screen is blocked. Make sure screen is cleaned and open before operating.
Smoke is emitted but auger
is NOT turning.


Unit is operating with
correct amount of green
beans but the auger is NOT
  • There may be debris lodged under auger. Unplug roaster immediately. ALLOW UNIT TO COOL BEFORE REMOVING PARTS. Remove beans. Inspect auger and remove all debris underneath.
  • Roasting Chamber not seated correctly. Unplug roaster from outlet. Open Cover, make sure Roasting Chamber is fully seated on heat shield of Roaster Base.
Unit speeds up with five
minutes remaining in roast
  • This condition is normal. The roaster automatically shifts to a 5-minute cool-down
    period at end of each roasting cycle.
Roasted coffee beans are
not dark enough after going
through the maximum 30-
minute roasting cycle.
  • Roasting time is too short. Add extra minutes to roast time after roasting cycle has started and before cooling cycle has started. Each press of the ‘UP’ arrow adds 1 minute to roast cycle. Up to 5 extra minutes can be added.
  • For darker roasts use less than the recommended 5 oz. load of beans for each
Excessive amount of chaff
escaping near top of roaster.
  • Screen/Front Seal is not installed correctly, damaged or missing. Replace or install seal
    correctly onto top of Roasting Chamber. Make sure Screen is inserted into groove of Front Seal.
Auger turns but beans are
not circulating.
  • Roasting Chamber is very dirty and needs to be cleaned. See ‘Caring for your Roaster’ section. The oily residue on glass prevents beans from circulating when auger is turning.
  • Roasting Chamber may be wet on the inside. Water droplets create a drag on beans preventing them from circulating. Dry Roasting Chamber thoroughly before adding green coffee beans.
With Roasting Chamber
clean and empty.
does not turn after pressing
START button.
  • Roasting Chamber not seated correctly. Unplug roaster from outlet. Open Cover, make sure Roasting chamber is fully seated on heat shield of Roaster Base.
  • Auger drive mechanism may be damaged. Return to our factory for servicing
When roaster is running,
the keypads do not work.
  • This is a normal condition when roasting or cooling. Only two buttons are active while roaster is running. These are the ‘UP’ arrow button (increases roasting time) and COOL button.
  • You have already added 5 extra minutes, so ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ arrows will not function. Only COOL button functions at this time.
The roasted beans are too
  • This may be normal. Different varieties of beans may roast darker than others.Try grinding some and brew a pot of coffee.They may taste better than they look.
  • Roasting time is too long. Decrease roasting time (press ‘DOWN’ arrow).
  • Make sure you’ve roasted the recommended amount of beans per load. Fill Roasting Chamber up to FILL LINE (5 oz.).
I want to stop the roasting
process when the beans
change color.
  • If you are watching roast cycle and color of beans is correct, press COOL button to stop roasting cycle. Roasting stage will stop and cooling stage will begin immediately. The machine will turn off automatically after the 5-minute cooling cycle.

NOTE: If this troubleshooting chart does not provide a solution to a problem you’re experiencing with your roaster, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-288-4545 for assistance.
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