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nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545

nesco customer service and warranties 1-800-288-4545
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• After Steamer has cooled, unplug from outlet and remove Steamer Bowl(s) and set bowls and lid in warm soapy water.

• Remove excess water from Base Reservoir.

• Wash Steam Bowl(s) and Lid in warm soapy water or place in dishwasher.

CAUTION: Do not put Base Unit in dishwasher.

• Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool to clean Lid or Steam Bowl(s), it will scratch the clear plastic.

• NEVER IMMERSE BASE IN WATER. To clean, wipe outside of Base with a damp cloth and dry. Do not use abrasive cleansers on exterior surface of Base.

• Dry with a clean towel or set parts aside to air dry.

• Never store Steamer with water in Reservoir. Always empty reservoir and allow parts to dry before storing.
Roaster Ovens
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