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1. Before using the appliance, READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS and wash the Filter Basket, Pump Tube, and inside of Urn Body with non-abrasive detergent. Wipe dry with soft cloth. Try not to get water into the base of the appliance.

2. Remove lid and filter basket. Fill with COLD WATER to desired amount on water gauge. Do not fill more than the MAXIMUM fill mark on water gauge.

3. Insert pump tube firmly into the heating element inside the urn body to assure proper pump action. Place filter basket on tube.

4. Add regular coffee grounds evenly into filter basket. Amount of grounds used depends on your taste. To heat only water for instant drinks, do not add coffee grounds

5. Place lid in position and turn clockwise to lock into place.

6. Check power switch is OFF position. Plug cord into grounded 120V. electrical outlet. Press power switch to ON and the red HEATING light will turn on to indicate brewing.

7. Brewing will stop automatically and green KEEP WARM light will turn on. Coffee or hot water is ready to serve.

8. When the level drops below the bottom graduation of the water gauge, press power switch to OFF and unplug from electrical outlet.

9. NEVER OPERATE APPLIANCE EMPTY. This can damage the heating element and void warranty.

10. If he unit does not turn on, unplug cord from electrical outlet and let urn cool. Gently move the reset button side to side on the bottom of the base. Plug cord into grounded 120V electrical outlet and follow instructions above.
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