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Information codes (E0 - E6) will be displayed when appliance is not properly operating.

E0 - Circuit error occured within the appliance. Allow to cool, then unplug from electrical outlet. Repeat cooking mode as desired.

E1 - No cookware present, unsuitable type or diameter is too small (less than 3.15 inches.).

E2 - Internal appliance overheat. Appliance will automatically turn off. Allow to cool and unplug from electrical outlet. Check that vents are clear of obstructions.

E3 - Input voltage is greater than 140 V.a.c.

E4 - Input voltage is less than 95 V.a.c.

E5 - Main sensor detects disconnection or short circuit. Do not attempt to repair, contact the manufacturer for further information.

E6 - Heating Zone temperature has overheated. Appliance will automatically turn off. After cooling fan has turned off, unplug from electrical outlet, remove cookware and allow to cool.
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