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• Never force bread into the toasting slots. Bread should fit easily into the toasting slots.

• Never toast slices of bread or food items that have been buttered or that contain sugar, or products such as jam or preserves.

• Do not use bent, damaged or broken bread in your toaster as it may cause it to jam.

• Set the level of toasting using the browning control. The higher the number selected, the darker the toast will be.

• Place the bread into the toasting slots. You can toast one or two slices of bread but only place a single slice in each slot. Press the loading handle down until it latches.

• The bread will be lowered into the toaster and toasting will begin.

• The loading handle will not latch if your toaster is not connected to the power supply, and may not latch if the browning control is set to its minimum or lowest setting.

• Don’t forget, you can use the lift-and-look feature during toasting to check your toast.

• Simply lift the loading handle up to examine your toast and lower it again to resume toasting. If you find your toast is cooked to your preference, press the cancel button to stop further toasting.

• When toasting has finished, the loading handle will rise and the toasted bread can be removed. You can lift the loading handle upwards beyond its rest position to help you remove the toast.

• If the toast is not done enough it can be toasted again. Turn the browning control to a lower setting and keep a careful eye on the toast to ensure that it doesn’t burn.

• Toasting can be stopped at any time by pressing the cancel button.
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