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Before using, wash all parts of the Jerky Gun in warm soapy water. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly (follow cleaning instructions in manual).

1. Screw trigger handle to meat tube and tighten.

2. Press plunger release and pull plunger handle all the way out.

3. Blend one seasoning pack and one cure pack of NESCO/American Harvest jerky spices with one pound of lean ground beef. Mix ingredients thoroughly.

4. Form a small log out of the jerky mixture and feed it into the open end of meat tube, repeat process until full.

For BJX-15 only: Screw funnel to the other end of meat tube and secure. Form a small log out of the jerky mixture and feed it into the funnel. Use the push rod to push the mix further into the tube. Continue until full and remove the funnel.

5. Select nozzle, flat for jerky or round for snack sticks then insert through end cap and attach to the meat tube.

6. Extrude the mix from the gun onto the tray by pulling the trigger handle.

7. When the tray is full, position tray onto the dehydrator.

IMPORTANT! After removing jerky or snack sticks from the dehydrator, allow them to completely cool before putting them into a storage container or bag. All internal heat should be out of the jerky or “sweating” may occur inside the storage container, which could result in the formation of mold.
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