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1. Use the appliance while working on a flat and stable surface.

2. Unplug the mixer from the wall outlet before inserting or removing Beaters.

3. Insert Beater by aligning the notch on the Beater with the slot in the mixer. Push to lock
into place. Repeat with the other Beat

4. Plug into a 120 volt A.C. wall outlet.

5. Press the Power Button and the display will start to flash.
When the Power Button is pressed, the default speed setting will be at ‘0’.

6. Press the ‘+’ button to increase the speed and the timer will start to count the mixing time.
There is a choice of 16 speed settings.

7. Press the Power Button to turn off the Mixer and remove cord from outlet.

8. To remove the Beaters, press the Eject button.
NOTE: Do not press the Eject Button while the Beaters are moving or during use.
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