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  1. Your coffee bean roaster must be cleaned after every use. This will ensure the safe operation of appliance, longevity and assure optimal roasting results.
WARNING: It is very important that the screen be in place before you start roaster. If screen is not in place it will cause roaster to malfunction. Roaster issues caused by leaving out the screen will NOT be covered by the warranty.
  1. Make sure roaster has cooled before removing parts.
  2. Empty Chaff Cup. Brush or rinse chaff flakes off Chaff Cup and Screen/Front Seal. To facilitate cleaning, Screen can be easily removed by stretching back top ‘lip’ of rubber seal and pulling it out.
  3. Wash Chaff Cup, Screen/Front Seal, Roasting Chamber and Cover with warm soapy water and rinse. Set parts aside to drain and let them air dry thoroughly before re-assembling roaster. NOTE: Cover, Roasting Chamber, Screen/Front Seal and Rear Seal are all dishwasher safe.
  4. When thoroughly dried, insert Screen into groove provided at top of Front Seal.
    CAUTION: Not cleaning these parts or operating appliance without proper installation will shorten the life expectancy of roaster and can create a condition where roaster may overheat and malfunction. Make sure all washable components are completely dry before using.
  5. Set Cover on end, after washing, to allow excess water to drain out.
  6. Wipe Roaster Body with a damp cloth or sponge and set aside to dry. DO NOT IMMERSE ROASTER BASE IN WATER OR OTHER LIQUID.
  7. Examine slots surrounding ‘Drive Shaft’ and remove any debris with a damp towel or small brush. This surface must be free of debris before beginning next roast cycle.
  8. The screen of Screen/Front Seal is a very fine mesh stainless steel and requires special attention after every roast cycle. Fine particles of chaff lodge in fine screen of filter. Remove particles of chaff with a brush and running water. If necessary, screen can be separated from rubber seal for easier cleaning.

NOTE: A standard oven cleaner may be used to remove heavy build up of coffee oil residue from screen that may accumulate after several months of steady use. Use caution when using oven cleaners. READ DIRECTIONS ON CONTAINER BEFORE USING.

To remove stains on inside of Cover, pour equal amounts of water and household ammonia into opening of Cover and let stand for several minutes. Wash parts normally, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  1. It may be helpful to record results of ‘roasts’ for future reference. This will help you learn about the many and varied coffee types, flavors, blends and roast colors.
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