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• Always switch off, unplug and allow the toaster to cool down before moving, cleaning or storing.

• Never immerse the toaster or power cord and plug in water or any other liquid.

• Clean the outside of your toaster with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly.

• Never use harsh, abrasive or caustic cleaners.

Crumb removal:
• It is important that crumbs are not allowed to build up inside your toaster. Excess crumbs are unhygienic and could catch fire.

• Crumbs can be removed by sliding the crumb tray out from the bottom of your toaster.

• You can then tip the crumbs out. Always make sure that your toaster has completely cooled down and is disconnected from the power supply before removing crumbs.

• Never use your toaster without the crumb tray fitted. Always replace the crumb tray before using your toaster.
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