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Term Temperature Conditions Type of Cook
Roast 325° - 350° Meat, Fowl, Fish dry
Bake 350° - 425° Breads, Cakes, Beans, Vegetables in sauce,
also foods where Leavening* is required.
Slow Cook 250° - 275° Low, even temperature is required. liquid added
Serve 200° - 250° Holding dry or with liquid
Steam 300° - 325° Vegetables, Puddings, Fish liquid added
Cook 300° - 450° - dry or with liquid
NOTE: Recipes can be increased or decreased proportionately according to number being served.

*Leavening is that which gives breads, cakes, muffins, pancakes, cookies, etc., the ability to rise and increase in volume.
Even crackers and pie crusts benefit from leavening to make them flaky.
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