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  1. Place Roasting Chamber on Drive Shaft and lower it onto heat shield. Align Guide Slots with Locator Pins and Roasting Chamber will drop into position on Heat Shield.
  2. Fill Roasting Chamber up to either “FILL LINE” or “DARK ROAST” line with your choice of green coffee beans. NOTE: Do not over fill Roasting Chamber as this could damage roaster.
  3. Insert Chaff Cup into top of Roasting Chamber.
  4. Slide Screen/Front Seal on top of Roaster Chamber and Chaff Cup, making sure ribbed-end of seal fits over end of glass cylinder.
  5. Make sure Rear Seal fits securely over metal rim of larger opening in Cover.
  6. Align metal hinge pin of Cover with matching hole in Roaster Body and slide together until pin is fully seated.
  7. Gently press Cover down until it latches in place. NOTE: If cover is not securely latched, the Safety Cutoff Switch will not allow roaster to operate.
  8. Plug roaster into a standard 120-volt outlet. The display will show 20 minutes the first time roaster is used. This is a default setting and will produce a ‘light’ roast. We don’t recommend roasting less than 20 minutes. We suggest a roast time of 25 minutes minimum as a starting point.
    Experiment with roasting times and have fun!
  9. Adjust roast time using “UP” arrow (on Control Panel) to add minutes or “DOWN” arrow to subtract minutes from roast cycle. The longer roast time, the darker the roasted beans will be.
Note: The maximum roast time is 30 minutes. However, during a roasting cycle, you may add up to 5 additional roasting minutes by pressing the UP Arrow while red light is ‘on’ and remaining roast time is between 6 and 24 minutes. The roaster will not allow you to add more than 5 minutes to a roast cycle, so maximum allowable roasting time is 35 minutes. Once 5-minute ‘cooling’ cycle has started and green light turns ‘on’, you can no longer add more roasting time.
  1. Press RECALL button to display previous ‘roast time’ used when START button was pressed. Your roaster stores this number even if roaster is unplugged between roast cycles. This feature helps you roast coffee beans more consistently.
    NOTE: RECALL button will not remember additional minutes added after START button is pressed.
  2. After you select time for roasting cycle, press START button. The auger will begin to turn coffee beans and fan will start. The red light will glow, indicating heating element is turned ‘ON’ and roasting cycle started.
CAUTION: If auger does not begin rotating after START button is pressed, a small coffee bean may be trapped under auger inside Roast Chamber. STOP ROASTING CYCLE IMMEDIATELY by unplugging roaster. Allow roaster to cool if it is hot. Open Cover and empty beans from Roasting Chamber, making sure none are under the auger. Rotate auger by hand to make sure it is free to turn. Install Roasting Chamber with Heat Shield and lower chamber in place. Reload beans and start roast cycle again.

Note: If you roast consecutive batches of coffee beans, they may roast faster after the first cycle, because roaster may still be hot. Adjust roast time settings accordingly.

Roasting Guidelines

Light Roast 20 - 22 minutes
Medium Roast 23 - 26 minutes
Dark Roast 27 - 30+ minutes

Note: Roast times may vary due to ambient room temperature, power/voltage, bean variety or amounts used in each batch. Adjust time settings accordingly.
  1. As roasting cycle continues, you will notice beans increase in size and gradually change from a pale green to a chocolate brown color. You also notice the pleasant aroma of beans as they begin to roast.
  2. Five minutes before end of roast cycle, the ‘cooling’ cycle will automatically start and begin blowing cool air over roasted beans. Red light will turn ‘OFF’, green light will glow and fan switches to a higher (faster) speed.
Note: Pressing COOL button at any time during a roasting cycle will stop roasting and begin the 5 minute ‘cooling’ process.
  1. When roaster has completed roasting/cooling cycle, appliance will turn itself off automatically. Note: We recommend you let appliance cool down for 10 minutes before removing freshly roasted coffee beans.
CAUTION: Metal parts of roaster WILL STILL BE VERY HOT. Use caution when handling this appliance.
  1. Unplug roaster from outlet.
  2. After roaster has cooled for 10 minutes, open roaster. Cover by pulling plastic tab towards you while lifting up. Please use caution when opening or removing Cover, as all metal parts may still be hot after roasting cycle.
  3. Remove Screen/Front Seal and brush chaff particles from Screen. Slowly remove Chaff Cup and discard chaff.
  4. Grasp plastic handle of Roasting Chamber and remove from Roaster.
    CAUTION: Do not touch glass or metal base of Roasting Chamber as these parts may still be hot after roasting cycle.
  5. Pour fresh-roasted beans into an airtight container or coffee grinder. Allow roasted beans to ‘rest’ for a few hours before grinding.
  6. Grind fresh roasted beans in a blade or burr grinder.
  7. Brew and enjoy the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted!
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