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  • Place the unit on a flat and stable work surface. Be sure unit is fully assembled
  • Make sure the Switch is in the “OFF” (O) position.
  • Insert plug into standard 120 Volt electrical outlet, rated 15A minimum.
  • Place a wide, shallow bowl or plate beneath the Grinder Head to catch ground food.
  • Press Switch to “ON” (I). Always have the unit running before adding food.
  • Cut food into strips or cubes slightly smaller than the Hopper opening.
  • Place food into the Hopper and use Pushrod to gently feed food into the Feed Screw. Do not force food into the Grinder Head and NEVER use fingers or other tools, other than recommended by appliance manufacturer, to feed food into Grinder Head.
  • If the motor slows or stops, this may be due to jammed food. See instructions for clearing jammed foods. IMPORTANT - NEVER PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO THE FOOD HOPPER OPENING WHILE UNIT IS OPERATING OR PLUGGED INTO ELECTRICAL OUTLET.
  • When you have finished grinding food, press Switch to “OFF” (O), unplug from electrical outlet and follow cleaning instructions.
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