When baking, the Nesco® Jet Stream 2 Oven combines the best of both worlds. It provides the browning capabilities of a conventional oven and the shortened time of a microwave oven. Fresh dough products are especially well suited and raise higher than they would in your oven! The circular motion of cyclonic cooking creates an air flow which actually pulls the dough upward causing the increase in volume. Because of the very short cooking times, it is best not to preheat the oven and use LOW fan when baking so that a crust does not form too quickly. This will allow optimum rising and inhibit the surface from becoming too brown while the interior reaches the desired consistency. Use HIGH fan for a minute or two if more browning is needed.
Item Qty Temp Fan Speed Time Rack Position
Croutons, 1 inch sq 2-3 cups 200 Low 8-10 min
Drop biscuits from mix 6-8 400 Low 6-8 min
Graham Cracker crust 9 in. 375 Low 4-5 min
Cheese Blintzes 4-6 375 Low 8-10 min
Escalloped Apples 12oz. 375 Low 10-13 min
Fully Baked Pie 1 (27oz.) 375 Low 14-17 min
Muffins 4 375 Low 4-6 min
Pie crust 9 in. 375 Low 5-6 min
Puff Pastry shells 4-6 400 Low 10-12 min
Biscuits, refrigerated 8 400 Low 6-8 min
Cinnamon Rolls 8 375 Low 6-8 min
Cookies 10-12 375 Low 5-8 min
Bread Sticks 6 375 Low 5-8 min
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