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• Carefully unpack unit and examine all packaging to be sure all parts are included.

• Place Motor Base on a flat, stable, anti-slip surface.

• Place the Juice Collector on the motor base. It must noticeably lock into place.

• Place the Filter Sieve on motor drive coupling of Motor Base and press firmly until it locks into position on the Juice Collector. Hold
Filter Basket by the outer rim and do not touch the cutting blades.

• Place Lid onto Juice Collector with opening of Lid facing opposite side of spout.

• Lift both Retaining Brackets up and hook into slots provided in the Lid. Then press lower part of bracket to snap into locking position. If brackets are not locked into position the product will not function.

• Place the Pulp Container under the opening of Lid. Tilt the assembly slightly to fit the container under the lip of Juice Collector.

• Place Juice Cup under spout.

• Place Food Pusher into food chute located on Juicer Lid.

• Be sure On/Off switch is “OFF” position before plugging into 120 volt outlet.

• Do not operate continuously for more than 3 minutes, allow 30 seconds to cool.

• Only use the Food Pusher to push food into the juicer. Do not use other utensils such as a spoon or the like.

• Set the desired speed setting. “1” for softer foods, “2” for harder foods. “P” for pulse.

• Insert food into the food chute, while using food pusher, push food into the filter sieve. Repeat this process until desired amount of juice is extracted.

• Do not use frozen foods, foods with bones, pits and seeds or foods that have spoiled.• Switch unit to “O” - OFF and clear the Pulp Collector regularly.
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