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1. Place the appliance on a flat and stable surface.

2. Fit the drive shaft onto center of the base unit.

3. Position the bowl over the drive shaft and onto the base, align the handle with the slot in the base. Then turn the bowl clockwise until it locks into place on the base.
NOTE: The unit will not operate unless the bowl is properly locked into place.

4. After the bowl is secured to base, fit the desired attachment (chopping blade or slicing disc) over the drive shaft.

5. Fit the lid onto the bowl, ensure the top of the drive shaft locates with center of the lid, and align tabs on the outer edge. After seating, turn lid to lock.
NOTICE: The unit will not operate unless the lid is properly locked into place and do not use the lid to operate the processor, always use control knob.

6. Be sure the control knob is in the “0” position and then insert the power cord into a 120 volt electrical outlet.

7. Select a speed “1” LOW speed, “2” HIGH speed and hold “P” for Pulsing. Use the pulse “P” for short bursts. The pulse will operate for as long as the control is held in position.

• Never exceed 30 seconds of operation. After using for 30 seconds, allow the motor to rest for one minute to cool, before operating again.
• Never overfill the bowl, particularly with meat.

8. Cut food into small pieces and insert into the food chute; always use the pushrod to feed the food down the chute.

9. Rotate the control knob to the “1”, “2” or “P” position to begin. Rotate the control knob to “0” position to stop.

10. See the “Care and Cleaning” section for cleanup procedure.


The chopping blade is the most versatile of all the attachments. Use for cake and pastry making, chopping meat, vegetables, nuts, dips, pureeing soups and to also make crumbs from biscuits and bread. The length of the processing time will determine the texture achieved. For coarser textures use the pulse control for short periods.
• Cut food such as meat, bread, vegetables into cubes approximately 3/4” (2 cm).
• Before processing, foods should be broken into pieces and added down the feed tube while the machine is running.
• Take care not to over-process, foods are chopped quickly at any speed.

Use the slicing side for cheese, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, cucumber and onions. Use the shredding side for cheese, carrots, potatoes and foods of similar texture. Use to cut potatoes for julienne style fries; mix ingredients for salads, garnishes, casseroles and stir fries.
WARNINGS: Never remove the lid until the cutting disc has completely stopped. Handle the cutting discs with care - they are extremely sharp.

To use the cutting discs:
1. Fit the drive shaft and bowl onto the base unit.

2. Holding by the center grip, place the disc onto the drive shaft with the desired cutting side facing up.

3. Fit the lid onto bowl and turn to lock.

4. Choose which size feed tube you want to use and put the food into the desired feed tube. The pushrod contains a smaller feed tube for processing individual items or thin ingredients. To use the small feed tube - first put the large pushrod inside the feed tube. To use the large feed tube - use both pushrods together.

5. Select desired speed and push down evenly with the pushrod-

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