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Steam Vegetable
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Place Rack in Cookwell, add hot water in amount given in chart below, cover, preheat to 400°F.
Steam all vegetables at 400°F.
Times may vary due to freshness, size differences, and desired degree of doneness.
The suggested times will give you crisp-tender vegetables.

Steaming will bring out the fresh flavor, color and texture of each vegetable.
Vegetable Steam Time Water Amount
Artichoke Trimmed 30 to 35 Min. 3 Cups
Asparagus Trimmed 15 to 20 Min. 2 Cups
Green Beans Whole, snapped 15 to 20 Min. 2 Cups
Beets Whole 2-3 inch 25 to 30 Min. 3 Cups
Broccoli Stalks, Trimmed 25 to 30 Min. 3 Cups
Broccoli Flowerettes, Trimmed 15 to 20 Min. 2 Cups
Cabbage Quarter or Wedges 20 to 25 Min. 3 Cups
Carrots Chunks, cleaned 20 to 25 Min. 3 Cups
Cauliflower Whole, cleaned 30 to 35 Min. 4 Cups
Cauliflower Flowerettes, Trimmed 13 to 16 Min. 2 Cups
Corn on the Cob Husked 25 to 30 Min. 3 Cups
Leeks Trimmed 15 to 20 Min. 2 Cups
Potatoes Whole small red 30 to 35 Min. 4 Cups
Sweet Potatoes 6 Oz. each 45 to 50 Min. 4 Cups
Summer Squash Pattypan, Whole small Zucchini 20 to 25 Min. 3 Cups
Winter Squash Acorn or Butternut, Halved or Quartered 30 to 35 Min. 4 Cups

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