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DO NOT wash any parts of your NESCO® Pressure Cooker in a dishwasher. Always wash NESCO® Pressure Cooker thoroughly after every use, or if not used for an extended period of time.

1. Unplug appliance from wall outlet and let unit cool before cleaning.

2. Wash Removable Cooking Pot with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

3. Wipe Main Body with a clean damp cloth. If food residue remains, dampen cloth in warm soapy water before wiping. NEVER submerge Main Body in water or other liquid. Wipe Stationary Pot as necessary to remove any food product.

4. If Condensation Reservoir contains visible moisture, remove by pulling down. Wash in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Attach to Main Body by pushing up to lock into place.

5. Turn Lid upside down, grasp Rubber Gasket on either side and pull up. Wash gasket in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Insert Rubber Gasket by pushing it down inside edge of Lid, making sure the ‘v’ groove of gasket is centered around wire ring on Lid. NOTE: If Rubber Gasket is not positioned properly, appliance will not function normally.

6. After a period of time the Rubber Gasket may shrink, harden, or otherwise become distorted under normal use. When this happens or other damage occurs, do not use appliance. Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-288-4545.

7. In order to maintain good performance of your NESCO® Pressure Cooker, the bottom of Removable Cooking Pot should be inspected and cleaned, if necessary, after each use. Wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly before using.

8. Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads to clean any parts of this appliance, as they will make fine scratches in surface, especially on polished surfaces.

9. Store your NESCO® Pressure Cooker with Lid resting upside down on removable cooking Pot. This will protect the valves, knobs and pressure regulator on top of Lid. If appliance is stored with Lid sealed, stale odors may form on inside.

Cleaning Pressure Regulator Knob

Check to make sure Pressure Regulator Knob and Pressure Safety Valve are in good working order before each use. To clean, please follow instructions below:

1. After unit has cooled, remove Lid.

2. Lift the Pressure Regulator Knob straight up and carefully lift and remove.

3. Turn Lid upside down and set on a tabletop. Pull out Regulator Shield by firmly grasping with a soft cloth lifting upwards. Using a small brush, check and remove any food particles that may be lodged inside Regulator Shield and Floating Valve. Push Regulator Shield back in place.

4. Replace Pressure Regulator Knob by lining notches up to inside wall of Pressure Regulator chamber in Lid, then press down and turn clockwise to latch.
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