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To cook beans, place desired amount of beans in liner pot of NESCO® Pressure Cooker. Cover with 2 to 3 inches of water. Cover and lock lid in place. Turn regulator knob to Pressure. Select suggested cooking mode (HIGH or LOW) and cooking times based on following charts. When cooking is complete, release pressure using the natural method. Remove beans, season as desired and serve. You will need to soak beans unless otherwise noted.

Guidline Timetable
Beans Cooking Time Pressure Setting
Adzuki 5 to 9 minutes High
Anaszi 4 to 7 minutes High
Appaloosa 11 to 14 minutes High
Baby Lima 5 to 7 minutes High
Black 9 to 11 minutes High
Black Eyed (do not soak) 9 to 12 minutes High
Calypso 4 to 7 minutes High
Cannelloni 9 to 12 minutes High
Chickpea 10 to 12 minutes High
Christmas Lima 8 to 10 minutes High
Cranberry 9 to 12 minutes High
Flageolet 10 to 14 minutes High
Great Northern 8 to 12 minutes High
Lentil, French Green (do not soak) 8 to 12 minutes Low
Lentil, Red (do not soak) 8 to 12 minutes Low
Lima (do not soak) 8 to 12 minutes Low
Navy 6 to 8 minutes High
Pink 8 to 10 minutes High
Pinto 4 to 6 minutes High
Rattlesnake 4 to 7 minutes High
Red 4 to 7 minutes High
Red Kidney 10 to 12 minutes High
Roman 11 to 14 minutes High
Runner 8 to 10 minutes High
Snow Cap 11 to 14 minutes High
Soldier 8 to 10 minutes High
Soybean 9 to 12 minutes High
Spanish Tolosanos 4 to 7 minutes High
Steuben Yellow Eye 11 to 14 minutes High
Tepary 8 to 10 minutes High
Soaking Methods for Beans
Overnight: Place three cups of cold water for each cup of sorted, rinsed beans in large bowl. Allow to soak in a cool place overnight (or 8 to 10 hours). Drain water from beans and rinse thoroughly. This method re-hydrates beans, giving them a better texture with great cooking results.
Fast Soak:
If you are in a hurry, fast-soaking beans in the NESCO® Pressure Cooker will also work just as well as overnight soaking. Use 4 cups of water per 1 cup sorted, rinsed beans for this method. Add 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup of beans. Do not fill Cooking Pot more than half full, because there may be some foaming during cooking. Use pressure setting recommended in chart. Lock Lid in place, set pressure to HIGH and program cooking time according to chart above. When cooking is complete, use quick release method (see below) to reduce pressure by turning Pressure Regulator Knob to Steam. When pressure is released, open Lid, drain and rinse well. Beans are ready for adding to your favorite recipe.
Quick Release Method:
After cooking cycle completes, press ‘START/STOP’ button to make sure unit is completely off. Turn Pressure Regulator Knob to ‘Steam’ in short bursts and allow pressure to release

WARNING: Do not hold Pressure Regulator Knob. Hot steam/liquid will be ejected. Keep hands and face away from steam vents and use pot holders when removing Cooking Pot or touching any hot items. NEVER FORCE LID OPEN until all pressure is released. The Lid will only open after all pressure is released. Remove Lid by lifting it away from you to avoid being scalded by hot steam.

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