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1. Place base on a flat, heat resistant, stable surface in a well ventilated area.

2. Select ribbed grill side or smooth griddle side. Set cooking plate into base.

3. Make sure the temperature controller is in OFF position. Insert control into inlet on cooking plate handle. Then insert plug into electrical outlet.

4. Adjust controller to desired setting. NOTE: The signal light on controller indicates heat setting. When desired setting is reached, the light will turn off. It will continue to cycle on and off during use to indicate heat setting is being automatically maintained.

5. Allow preheat 7-10 minutes. Place food directly onto cooking plate and cook to desired doneness.

6. When finished cooking, turn controller to off and remove plug from power outlet.

IMPORTANT: To avoid injury wait until the appliance has cooled before removing the temperature controller.

• Hot oil and liquid may splash as grease and juices hit drip tray.
• DO NOT TOUCH! any hot surfaces while cooking. The grill or griddle may become hot while cooking and will remain hot after use and during cool down.
• DO NOT overload the grill surface.
• DO NOT remove the temperature probe until the dial is turned to OFF, the cord unplugged and appliance is completely cooled.
• DO NOT move the appliance while in use.
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