How To "Cure" Your Roaster « Back

Unpack your NESCO® Roaster Oven completely Removing all Packaging Material and Information Labels.
Remove Lid (cover), Rack, and Cookwell, (from heatwell) wash them and set aside.

Place Roaster Oven (Heatwell only) in a well-ventilated area. Make sure temperature knob is set at the lowest possible setting/off.

Plug in heatwell cord to a 120 volt AC outlet. Turn temperature knob to maximum setting and "cure" Roaster Oven empty for 60 minutes (or longer) until any odor or whisps of smoke disappear. Some smoke and odor are a normal part of "curing" the element and will not reoccur in cooking use. It will smell like electrical wires burning but that is normal as it is searing the insulation around heating element.

When curing is completed, turn temperature control to lowest setting/off, unplug unit from outlet and allow to cool.
After your unit has cooled, put Cookwell, Lid, and Rack back in and it is ready to use.
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