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Cancel Button
- Stops the unit at any time.

Seal Only
- For sealing a bag without vacuum.

- For vacuuming the bag and automatically sealing it when vacuum is complete.

Indicator Lights
- Indicates the status of vacuum or seal process.

Unlock Buttons
- On the right and left side of the cover. Press down to unlock. In the locked position, they secure the lid in place while the vacuum packing cycle is under way in bags; they release automatically.

- Opening the lid into the fixed raised position allows you to position the bags before starting the vacuum packing process.

Vacuum Chamber
- Position the open end of the bag inside the chamber, draws air from the bag and collect any excess liquid.

Sealing Gasket
- Presses the bag onto the sealing strip.

Sealing Bar
- Place bag to be sealed over this bar.
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